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Whitening patients are your best dental patients - taking better care of their teeth at home, pursuing more dental procedures in the office, and sending you more referrals. Every patient can be a whitening patient.

Use our free teeth whitening dental marketing materials and practice building programs to help spread the word that you are premier dental practice offering state-of-the-art whitening, dental care, and cosmetic treatments.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Marketing is all about raising awareness, sharing information, and most importantly, selling products and services. Some of the most effective marketing does not directly sell products or services, but rather creates brand awareness. There may not be an immediate need for your products or service, but when the need arises you want potential patients to think about your business. Below we have put together marketing ideas for dentists that will help grow your practice.
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What Is Dental Marketing?

Dental marketing targets potential patients. It’s a way to share your services, products, and values too.

Should Dentists Advertise?

Dentists should advertise in an impactful and effective manner. You aren’t selling mass quantities of goods but rather personalized patient care - so be tactful with advertising. A smart way for a dentist to advertise is by sponsoring local events and fundraisers. This is a great way to connect with the community that may also be tax-deductible. Another idea for advertising is simply offering existing patients incentives for referrals. You can advertise this in patient and waiting rooms. Keeping up with your online presence and reviews is also critical to ensure new patients can find you as they search for a trusted dentist.

Ideas To Impress A Cosmetic Dental Patient?

From researching online to setting a first appointment to visiting your office, patients are searching for an experience. As a dentist, you need to help patients establish trust and confidence in your practice. How you interact with patients, the environment of your office, and the information you share with a patient can all help establish trust. Another way to impress patients is through real five-star reviews and before and after treatment photos.

Remember, patients have the freedom to choose any cosmetic dental expert out there, so put yourself in their shoes. Why would you choose you? Here are a few ideas to help you differentiate your practice and impress patients: Listen to patients (don’t assume, listen and then recommend) Deliver superior patient care Educate patients Decorate your office with promotional materials (flyers, before & after photos, videos, promotions, donation appreciation certificates, awards, etc.) Offer financing options Offer the opportunity for feedback Use high-quality products Treat staff like family, it will trickle down to patients (Culture is key!) Most importantly, smile!

How Do You Market A Dentist Online?

One advantage that dentists have is that most of their patients will live in close proximity to their office. This can make marketing your practice easier and more cost effective. Investing in marketing is worth the cost, but it must be done properly. As a practice owner you can cover the basics such as promoting patient reviews, responding to complaints, delivering the best results, branding your website, and maybe even posting on social media. While all these items will help build your practice, there are so many more ways to build your clientele. By partnering with a trusted marketing agency they can help you boost online visibility, reach more customers, and grow your practice. By reaching out for help you can spend more time focusing on patients and what’s going on inside your practice.

How Many Patients Does A Dentist Have On Average?

As a full time dental practice you should have at least 1,600 active patients, although more is ideal. Most dentists see about 10 to 15 patients per day, while each hygienist sees about 8 per day. Geographically, a ratio of 2,500 to 1 within a one mile radius is considered good.

Ideas To Make My Dental Office Stand Out?

There are many simple, yet impactful, ways to make your dental office stand out. One of the most important things is presentation. How your office looks and feels, how staff is dressed, how organized treatment rooms are, etc. Make sure your practice is clean and tidy. Another important way to make your practice stand out is an abundance of five-star reviews from actual patients. Lastly, use high-quality products for treatments and services such as teeth whitening.

What Are The Legal And Ethical Advertising Guidelines A Cosmetic Dental Practice Needs To Follow?

The ADA (American Dental Association) welcomes advertising under the rule that it’s factual, tasteful, dignified, and intended to provide useful information regarding products and services. The ADA can accept or reject advertising under its discretion.

What Do You Think Is The Most Effective Medium For Promoting A Dental Clinic To Prospective Patients?

One advantage that dental practices have when it comes to marketing is that most of their clientele and prospective clientele is local. Therefore you can dedicate your marketing efforts to a close radius of your practice. Trial and error is the best way to find out what works best for your market. What your competitors are doing may impact your success as well so stay in the know about competition. Sell your practice over theirs without it being obvious. Most marketing efforts will need to be combined. Here are 8 effective was to promote your dental clinic: Social media Local SEO Creative website Get involved with the community Educational content marketing AdWord campaigns Postcards and mailers Appointment reminders

What Marketing Tools Are Used In Dentistry?

Dental practices should take advantage of the following tools to grow their practice. . . Reputation management Video marketing (show customers what to expect in terms of treatment and results) Social media Content creation (keywords) Paid ads Email marketing Sponsorship Outreach campaigns (volunteer to share information and help others) Flyers (spread the word about high-quality products your practice uses) Refine your website

What Percentage Of Gross Revenue Should A Dental Practice Invest In Marketing?

New practices should spend between 20% to 30% of gross revenue on marketing. If local competition is high, you should push to the upper range (30%).

Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Dentists?

The Internet should be taken advantage of when it comes to marketing. In today’s world, dentists can connect with patients through search engines, emails, websites, social media, and other platforms. Digital marketing makes it easier for customers to discover your practice and learn why they should come in for an appointment. The information they access online is the first part of the patient experience. According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes 3.5+ billion searches per day; significantly more than the number of people that drive by your practice. Digital marketing can also allow you to answer questions and help patients virtually. Activating online chat or direct email services on your website can encourage patients to inquire at any hour of the day.

What Are Some Social Media Marketing Ideas For Dentists?

Most of us spend a good portion of our downtime scrolling social media searching for ideas, inspiration, and entertainment. While social media seems easy, you’ll need to be creative to make it successful. Here are some ideas to enhance social media efforts: Engage your audience Create videos Get personal (remind patients that your human too) Share reviews Give back to the community through social media Create valuable content Keep words to a minimum

Ideas To Grow My Dental Business?

Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your practice. If you’re currently marketing, but not achieving the results you desire, try something new. Marketing is complex and requires trial and error. In addition to marketing and bringing new patients in the door you’ll need to make sure their experience brings them back time and time again.

Another way to grow your dental practice is to expand your services. Teeth whitening is a popular service that can generate healthy profits. The teeth whitening industry is an $11 billion dollar industry that you should be involved with. One of the biggest secrets to leveraging successful teeth whitening treatments are the products you use.

GLO Science Professional is the #1 professional teeth whitener. As a 4X Edison Award winner with 31 patents, GLO is proven to be the best. With in-office and at-home treatment options patients can experience a pain-free and affordable teeth-whitening experience. In addition, results can deliver up to 12 shades brighter without dehydration or rebound. Created by the top aesthetic dentist in New York City, GLO is FDA-registered and dentist-approved. In 3 easy steps you can get your teeth professionally whitened and leave the dental office with no pain or sensitivity. . . that’s a first. Our 3 step process includes: #1. Specially formulated whitening gel #2. Relaxing illuminating heat acceleration #3. GLO!

Patients will receive unbeatable results in just 16 minutes of total treatment time. If you own a dental practice, you'll want to offer GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening.

Expand your services to grow your business. . . try GLO Science Professional teeth whitening products today!
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