GLO POWER+ Claims Coveted Dental Advisor Top Award. Here’s Why!

GLO POWER+ Claims Coveted Dental Advisor Top Award. Here’s Why!

The Dental Advisor Awards are among the most prestigious awards recognizing quality dental equipment based on clinical and evidence-based research. Our GLO POWER+ At Home Whitening Wireless Tech Kit was honored to claim the top award for their whitening category in 2024. This award underscores our commitment to transforming the dental experience for dental professionals and patients through innovating cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize oral care and dental aesthetics.

GLO Science Unique Whitening Approach

GLO Science adopts an innovative approach to teeth whitening, prioritizing both efficacy and sensitivity control. By integrating rapid and controlled gentle warming heat and Blue LED light, our system maximizes the factors that boost the whitening results while managing and minimizing the factors that cause sensitivity. The controlled warming accelerates the breakdown of the hydrogen peroxide, while the closed system ensures optimal contact time for effective and comfortable outcomes.

Why GLO POWER+ At Home Whitening Wireless Tech?

Our dual whitening approach combines an in-office and take-home procedure. GLO POWER+ at-home wireless device seamlessly extends the excellence of your in-office procedures. By exclusively offering GLO POWER+ At Home Whitening Wireless Tech Kits to your patients in your practice, you’ll build trust and reliability and ensure they feel supported throughout their whitening journey.

Moreover, sending your patients home with an award-winning, innovative device acts as a clinic ambassador. This guarantees amplifying word-of-mouth, a high rate of referrals, and reinforcing the clinic’s reputation. Your patients will keep returning for follow-ups and hygiene visits, creating a continuous cycle of engagement and satisfaction.

Our award-winning technology is not just a whitening solution, it's a testament to your commitment to top-notch care. Explore the future of dental aesthetics with GLO Science.

Connect with us to learn more about how GLO Science can revolutionize your patient experience and boost your clinic's reputation.

GLO POWER+ Claims Coveted Dental Advisor Top Award. Here’s Why!

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