Born in the Dental Practice

As with all paradigm shifting innovations, GLO Science began with these two fabled words: “What if?”

Words that Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, NYC prosthodontist and NYU professor, has been saying throughout his decades long dental career. Inspired by a lifelong mission to revolutionize oral care and dental aesthetics, Dr. Levine asked, “What if we could find a way to whiten without compromise?

GLO Science was born.

The Story of GLO

Whitening Without Compromise

Working with his team of dental professionals, engineers, and product developers, Dr. Levine set out to create a new kind of whitening system - one that that would deliver unparalleled, long lasting results while eliminating pain and sensitivity, reducing the amount of required chair time, and removing the need for custom trays and lab fees.


"GLO Science represents innovation that makes it easy for everyone to have a healthy, beautiful, bright smile they are proud to share."


Optimal for Practices & Patients Alike

Helping you provide the best care for your patients is at the heart of everything we do. 

Drawing on decades of clinical and practice management experience, we create products that maximize patient comfort and results while simultaneously optimizing production, team satisfaction and efficiency.

Whitening Made Modern

Your practice deserves to offer the best whitening system available anywhere so your patients, team, and bottom line can benefit. 

Our team of experts is there with you every step of the way, making it easy for you to build a successful whitening program that contributes to overall patient satisfaction and practice growth. 


GLO for Good

Our commitment to ensuring that everyone has a healthy, bright smile they are proud to share extends beyond the dental practice.

Through the GLO Good Foundation, we provide free dental services and education to communities that do not otherwise have access to dental care.


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