We all know that social media is a necessary element for any business. Dentistry is no exception! Letting followers know about your services, not to mention all of your happy patients, is an essential part of keeping your practice thriving.

But we know what you’re thinking…

  • What exactly should I be posting?
  • Won’t too many posts be annoying?
  • What if I don’t have time to find content?
  • How often do I need to post?

Think about it this way, if you’re a patient seeking a new dentist and researching two different offices, you’ll start off by visiting their websites. After reading through a few pages, you’ll click on their social media icons next. If one practice has an amazing social media feed that is updated frequently with relevant information, and the other hasn’t posted since 2016, which would you choose? The answer is easy.

Managing social media well isn’t as intimidating as most people think once you get started. We suggest posting 3-5 times per week and varying your content each day. If you assign a topic to each day of the week, it makes finding things to post much faster and easier. Here’s how a sample week might look.

Monday: Advertise Your Services– Do your patients even know that you offer professional teeth whitening? Provide a post that highlights the great features of GLO Science, how it causes no sensitivity, and other useful information. Be sure to include some of the beautiful photos of GLO products that are supplied right on our website, or take your own!

Tuesday: Before and After Tips– Let patients know how they can best prepare for their visit, whether it is for a regular hygiene visit or a specific procedure like a chairside whitening treatment. Offer information about aftercare and long-term upkeep. You can even use before and after photos of your patients with their permission (see below).

Wednesday: Patient Testimonials– Every patient who has a cosmetic treatment should get a follow up email asking for a review of their experience. In that email, also include an area that gives you permission to share their testimonial (along with their before & after photos) on social media. There’s nothing that gets prospective patients more excited about your practice than GLOing reviews and compelling before & afters!

Thursday: Interesting Articles– In order to keep things interesting, you need to provide variety. Find websites that align with your dental or healthcare philosophy and share useful articles with your followers. If you tag the source of the article, when they see that notification, hopefully they’ll reciprocate and share some of your posts as well.

Friday: Fun Facts- Keep Fridays FUN! Did you know that if you don’t floss, you’re missing 40% of the surface of your teeth? And that people spend 38.5 days brushing their teeth over a lifetime? People love learning new things and will look forward to your Friday posts.

Have fun with social media! Use it not only to educate your patients, but to create a community of people who care about their oral health as much as you do. Make it your mission to spread the word about best practices and inspire followers to keep their smiles GLOing.

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