As a dental professional, you play many different roles. And while some may easily fit into your daily routine, other roles can be tricky to schedule. When we speak with our GLO Pro partners, many mention their marketing as an area that could use a little extra attention. Not surprising, since technology is always changing and it can be hard to keep up!

That’s why you must be selective with the companies you choose to bring into your practice. Having adequate support and educational tools can greatly impact your success and profitability. When choosing GLO Science Pro for professional teeth whitening services, you’ll be working with a company that provides everything needed to launch a successful program. Our team is also here to offer additional tips to help your practice stand out above the rest.

Ready to incorporate some new and improved marketing for your whitening business? Here are four areas we recommend focusing on:

Revamp Your Website- When customers research a new dental practice, they frequently check out a website first. Think about what the design and layout say about your brand. Is it easy to navigate and inviting? Are the images and information up-to-date? Your website is a sneak peek into the vibe of your office, so be sure it makes someone want to visit.

For help promoting professional teeth whitening services online, GLO Pro has a free online learning center dedicated to helping practices. You’ll find email templates, web content, imagery, and more.

Up Your Online Presence- No need to be a Tik Tok wiz, but we recommend curating a social media following if you haven’t already done so. LinkedIn is great for professional networking but stick to Facebook and Instagram to attract new patients while also retaining existing ones. And for those of you who are already active on various platforms, continue building your network with a mix of informative and lighthearted content that allows you to engage with your community. Share any promotions or photos of whitened teeth before and after to drum up new business.

My Social Practice says, “Humanizing your practice can help your patients feel closer to you and your staff. This creates feelings of trustworthiness, kind of like being part of a family. And isn't the ultimate goal to have a large dental family?” We wholeheartedly agree!

Streamline Patient Database- Programs for collecting and keeping pertinent client information have come a long way, so consider trying a new way to streamline your database. A smarter system improves efficacy while saving valuable time. It also allows you to follow up with greater ease, something that helps build longstanding relationships with patients. 

Consider Writing a Blog- We know time is precious, but the benefits of blogging are worth considering for forward-thinking dental practices. Whether written by you, a member of your staff, or even an outside source, blogs can quickly elevate your practice. When done correctly, they're an excellent tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can improve your ranking on search engines like Google.

Not sure what to write? Consider creating posts about the best teeth whitening methods or how to whiten teeth with braces. You can even check out GLO Pro’s complete list of blogs for some creative inspiration.

 Managing marketing and advertising may seem stressful at first, but with proper support, your office will benefit from the investment. GLO Pro is proud to offer many free tools to assist you. And remember, you can reach out to your rep directly anytime! 

To learn more about our full line of products and professional resources, visit glosciencepro.com.


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