It's safe to say all patients want healthy, beautiful smiles. Yet many are unsure how to achieve them or the many options now available. When clinicians take time to highlight professional teeth whitening procedures during routine check-ups, they open the door to further discussion and have a better chance of patients opting for elective treatments.

But where to begin? For patients to understand how teeth whitening works, we recommend a brief overview of the parts of the tooth responsible for color, as well as the issues of staining, both intrinsic and extrinsic, and how they affect the color of teeth.

Once patients realize the culprits of tooth discoloration, it’s an opportune time to offer a solution. Here are some key areas of focus when explaining teeth whitening to patients:

Education- When explaining (and selling) professional teeth whitening, your staff should be well-versed in all components of the program you've selected. GLO Professional makes this easy with several training videos available on our website. When utilized, they allow your office to gain valuable clinical skills and practice-building expertise they can use to promote whitening in your practice.

Whitening Options- The American Dental Association has identified three types of teeth whitening treatments: in-office, at home, and over-the-counter. Display and demonstrate various options so patients feel comfortable having choices and can select the best teeth whitening for their individual needs. And for those who may be hesitant about discomfort, remind them that GLO Professional causes no sensitivity- one of the many perks of our product!

Marketing- A solid marketing plan is the backbone of any successful whitening program. When promoting teeth whitening in your practice, you offer the confidence and pride that comes with a bright, white, healthy-looking smile. To support you in this, you’ll find lots of free imagery and videos available to you on our website, like this newly-released clip that shows patients just what they can expect from a whitening treatment!

Maintenance- Reinforce post-treatment protocol to keep your patients’ new smiles bright and white as long as possible. This protocol includes avoiding staining foods and drinks for up to 48 hours after in-office teeth whitening. They should also be educated on healthy oral care habits to avoid re-staining in the future. That’s why we suggest developing a whitening maintenance regimen, like our at-home GLO Professional device. Patients should return to the dentist’s office every four to six months to monitor and maintain a bright, healthy smile.

Whitening patients are your best dental patients - taking better care of their teeth at home, pursuing more dental procedures in the office, and sending you more referrals. By taking time to thoroughly explain procedures, benefits, and outcomes, you’re laying the groundwork for a sustainable and profitable whitening program.


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