GLO Science’s patented Guided Light Optics (GLO) innovation combines warming heat + light in a closed-system mouthpiece, activating the professional strength whitening gel & prevents oxygens from escaping the mouth for fast, efficient, and long-lasting results

Clinical Results on Efficacy
5 shades whiter

Patients achieve an average
of 5 tooth shades whiter.*
* Clinical study performed by Hatice Hasturk, DDS, Ph.D. and Thomas Van Dyke D.D.S., Ph.D., Boston University

Clinical Results on Sensitivity
No sensitivity!

0% of the patients that used the GLO Science whitening system experienced painful "zingers" commonly associated with other professional teeth whitening procedures.*

How GLO can benefit your practice!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for...

"When it comes to professional teeth whitening, both dentists and patients have been in need of a system that is all things: fast, affordable, painless and provides dramatic results. GLO Science Professional delivers all of these things in one eye-catching package. It’s what we’ve been waiting for."

- Dr. John Badolato
ABC Extreme Makeover Dentist

Affordable new technology...

"We love GLO in office & take home whitening and our patients love the sensitiv-ity free results.This brilliant new technology is fast, user friendly, and very afford-able. We recommend GLO highly, ask for it by name!"

- Dr. E.W. Amurgis
Pittsburgh, PA

No sensitivity...

"The response from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. GLO whitening is the latest and greatest whitening product on the market. Its best features are user friendliness and “NO SENSITIVITY! WE LOVE TO GLO!"

- Dr. Monique Mabry
Newton, MA

Our patients love it...

"Our practice has always stayed abreast of changes in technology that make the dental experience better for our patients. The in-office professional whitening is the fastest we've seen, gets incredible results and does so without sensitivity unlike other products on the market. Our patients love it!"

- Dr. Rod Gore
Scottsdale, AZ