Teeth Whitening Made For Professionals

Designed for the state-of-the-art dental practice. This is whitening made modern.

✓ 4X whitening production
✓ Compact, portable & easy to use
✓ Optimizes team satisfaction & efficiency
✓ Increases patient satisfaction & referrals

Ready to learn how?


Patented Illuminating Heat Technology

GLO is the ONLY teeth whitening technology with a controlled illuminating heat mouthpiece for the fastest results and optimal patient comfort. Plus no dehydration or rebound.

Often Imitated. Never Replicated.


It's Easy To Get Started With GLO!

The Teeth Whitening Success Starter Set includes supplies and everything you need to launch a successful GLO teeth whitening program in your dental practice in minutes - all inside one convenient box!


Single Teeth Whitening Treatment Results

up to 12 shades whiter!

Grow With GLO Science

16 Minutes Total Treatment Time
No Sensitivity
Unparalleled Results

Dental Clinicians & Patients Prefer GLO!

"GLO is clinically proven to increase your shades. The patented heat increases the efficacy of the gel. With GLO, there's no bad time to whiten your teeth!"

Dr. Jason Gladwell (Raleigh, NC)

"A complete game changer...In my 15 years of dentistry experience, this is by far my favorite whitening product!"

Lauren, RDH (Alpharetta, GA)

"What a difference!...No sensitivity, no impressions to take, and it's fast - it takes half the time from what we were doing before. GLO is so much easier."

Dr. Yooson Kim (Morgantown, PA)

"The best part about GLO is that it delivers all the sparkle without all the common side effects of whitening, like sensitivity."

Dr. Huda Aljonaidy (Ormond Beach, FL)

"With minimal chair time, great results and no sensitivity, it’s the perfect way to make patients excited about coming to the dentist, improve home care compliance, and attract more new patients.”

Dr. Howard Glazer (Fort Lee, NJ)

"Even patients who have been sensitive to whitening in the past have been able to tolerate GLO...The GLO team offers eye-catching marketing materials for self-promotion as well as excellent customer service!"

Dr. Jose R. Abadin (Coral Gables, FL)

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