Smiles That GLO!

Excellent Results in only 16 Minutes!

"The new GLO technology is easy to use and provides the same great whitening effect in just 16 minutes. This is great for any practice looking to increase efficiency by reducing chair time with great results! Patients love it and so do we!"

Dr. Lindsey Cerdas (Perkasie, PA)

For Patients On the Go!

"With only 16 minutes of actual whitening time needed, we can accommodate our patients that are always on the go.  Mostly we love the feeling that our patients have when they see their bright, white smile. The new packaging is very modern and sleek. Perfect to showcase in the practice. I would recommend GLO to every smile in America!"

Kevin Welchel, Practice Manager (Atlanta, GA)

The Most Sensitivity-Free Whitening System

"My patients and I are absolutely LOVING the new GLO Pro in office system! We are in awe of the results after a quick, very simple, and ALWAYS sensitivity-free 16 minute whitening session. I have used a variety of leading in office whitening systems in the past, but GLO is by far the most pain-free system that also delivers amazing, quick results."

Morgan Trotter, CDA (Mount Pleasant, SC)

Quick & Easy!

Our patients love the new GLO 16 minute in office & at home whitening treatments, it's so quick & easy to use. They love the technology and have little to no sensitivity. We are getting GLOing results!!"

Dr. Nicole Lecci (Omaha, NE)

Best of the Best

"Everyone who wants straight teeth, also wants white teeth. With GLO, our chair time is maximized...and most importantly, patients love it!"

Dr. Zach Casagrande (Northern Virginia Orthodontics)

Patients Are Asking For GLO

"I did the GLO whitening and it was painless, it was very organized - I love it! I was very nervous at first but I absolutely LOVE my results!"


"I had my teeth whitened and it was a wonderful experience. I have very sensitive teeth and a small mouth and was concerned with the discomfort. They used state of the art products and I was comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend!"

Janice W

"Completely transformed my smile with whitening - I now have the smile I always dreamed of - it is big, bright and white!"

Stephanie S

"I finally got rid of my embarrassing yellow shaded teeth. I was blown away with the results. Thank you all for correcting something I was very self conscious about."

David F

"I have never been able to whiten my teeth, but began using GLO at my initial visit. They did an amazing job whitening my teeth at the teeth are thanking me big time."

Claire S

"My teeth never looked better. My pearly whites could not be happier, healthier or brighter!"

Kelly F

"Best possible experience of going to the dentist"

Keith H

"I did the Teeth whitening and left with no sensitivity! Glo is top of the line. I had very sensitive teeth so I was very surprised. I went up 5 shades."

Ivan G

"I have never been able to whiten my teeth due to sensitivity. With one treatment with GLO whitening I was able to achieve a more beautiful smile, 5 shades brighter!"

Michelle H

"I didn't feel one ounce of pain or sensitivity throughout the treatment! My teeth looked and felt great (they still do weeks later). I'd recommend this treatment to anyone who has an important even like a wedding or reunion, or just wants a noticeable whitening in a short amount of time with no pain. It's super fast and it really works!"

Brittany F

The best in the business. Results reflect in the mirror.

Jake S

What A Difference!

"When GLO came out, I had it done to myself and had some of my team members try it. What a difference! Patients were comfortable with it and they loved it. No sensitivity, no impressions to take, and it's fast - it takes half the time from what we were doing before. GLO is so much easier."

Dr. Yooson Kim (Morgantown, PA)

Clinically Proven!

"You don't need to wait until the end of treatment to get your smile as white and as bright as you want to. With GLO, there's no bad time to whiten your teeth."
Dr. Jason Gladwell (Raleigh, NC)

Our Patients' Favorite Whitening

"GLO Science Professional whitening has become our patients' new favorite in office whitening. It always exceeds all expectations and never lets our patients down! Our patients always leave whiter with a brighter smile! We at WestSide Dental Studio highly recommend GLO."

Dr. Chelsea Dean, Makayla Savage, Zaray Lazaro (Reno, NV)

An Excellent Addition To the Practice

"GLO Science Pro Power+ teeth whitening system is the perfect system for my orthodontic practice. Efficient and effective with premium results!  Patients come to our orthodontic office just for the benefits of GLO whitening. It has been an excellent addition to my practice, and best of all, no sensitivity!"

- Dr. Megan Baker (Medford, OR)

A Complete Game Changer

"GLO has been a complete game changer. Our patients come in so excited, they're comfortable throughout the procedure, they get fantastic results, and the go home very comfortable as well. I can genuinely tell you that in my 15 years of dentistry experience, this is by far my favorite whitening product.

Lauren, RDH (Alpharetta, GA)

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It Works!

"Let it GLO!!!  My favorite thing about GLO is that it works!  The other best thing about it is that you can do it almost any time and anywhere- even while shoveling snow!"

Dr. Jamie Epperson (Graham, TX)

Fun & Easy For Your Practice Team

"Love GLO!!!! I've tried many other whitening products and experienced sensitivity, but I haven't had any sensitivity with my GLO! Super easy, tastes great, and the results are remarkable. I've used the product since it first came out and I still love it to this day. You're never fully dressed without a GLOing smile!"

Dr. Dayna Cassandra (Paramus, NJ)

"We love GLO at our office. It is so convenient to use for both the office and the patient. We have been getting excellent results. The bleaching process being in a closed environment using the mouthpiece has reduced sensitivity to almost nothing."

Dr. Tim Tirolosi (Lake Mary, FL)

"When it comes to professional teeth whitening, both dentists and patients have been in need of a system that is all things: fast, affordable, painless and effective.
GLO Science Professional delivers all of these things in one eye-catching package. It’s what we’ve been waiting for."

Dr. Kent Tuttle (Phoenix, AZ)

Wow! I’ve been using GLO for years but now being able to whiten my patient’s teeth in 16 mins - Amazing!  Patients love the quickness and ease plus = there’s no issue with sensitivity. So exciting to be offering this superb product in my office!

Dr. Lauren E. Abes (Atlanta, GA)

"To all my dentist friends, GLO Science Professional Whitening has blown away all expectations. I can't believe how many cases we've already done, how happy my patients are, and how many referrals we've already gotten from it. Highly recommend!!!"

Dr. David Blanchard (Menomonee Falls, WI)

"We love GLO because...
1. Our patients have NO sensitivity!
2. The results are DAZZLING!
3. The kit is EASY and FUN to use!"

Dr. Anna Schultz (Newman, GA)

"GLO is my favorite thing to do on patients....since we've introduced GLO Science into the office, we get just as great results, if not better, with significantly less sensitivity."

Shannon, Clinical Assistant

"As a Doctor I only recommend my patients products I personally enjoy! GLO Science Professional Whitening is a dream to work with, from their easy to use at home wireless whitening device kits to their low sensitivity in office whitening! Brightening smiles and building confidence! With GLO everyone can have a Hollywood smile! With the help of their new technology, you can even achieve results faster and lighter!"

Dr. Olga Titov (Naples, FL)

"Our patients are impressed by the ease and comfort of the In-Office Treatment, and the convenience and high-tech design of the Take Home Kit. Even patients who have been sensitive to whitening in the past have been able to tolerate GLO with little to no sensitivity. The GLO team offers eye-catching marketing materials for self-promotion as well as excellent customer service!"

Dr. Jose R. Abadin (Coral Gables, FL)

"The amazing transformation of someone’s demeanor and smile is one of the many reasons why I love GLO. The best part about GLO is that it delivers all the sparkle without all the common side effects of whitening, like sensitivity. It is truly amazing how it affects patients' lives." 

Dr. Huda Aljonaidy (Ormond Beach, FL)

“I am constantly blown away by the results I’m able to give my patients with the GLO Science Whitening system! As much as I love it though, my patients love it even more. I have offered almost every brand of whitening to my patients over the years, and GLO Science is simply THE best. It’s not too good to be true- it’s the real deal. The easiest and best decision you’ll ever make in your office is transitioning your patients to GLO Science Whitening!” 

Alexandra Steury, DMD (Lexington, KY)

ECO Balance for A Healthy Happy Clean

"Overall health starts with the mouth and adding ECO Balance to my daily protocol strengthens and improves my patients who body wellness. Brushing with ECO Balance and seeing the results of the pH testing heightens the patients' awareness of a balanced lifestyle. This is a great addition to our office."

Sylvie Fontizard CDA, RDH

"ECO Balance is amazing! As an orthodontist, I recommend it to every single one of my patients. I am very passionate about ECO and my patients love it."

Dr. David Seligman (New York, NY)

"ECO Balance is amazing! All my patients love this product. Brushing with ECO Balance and seeing the results of the PH testing heightens awareness of a
balanced lifestyle. This is a great addition in our office."

Dr. Marah Desa (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

One of the Most Innovative Products Out There

"There's finally a product on the market that I see results with - neutralizing the pH in the mouth so the bad germs can't do their bad things...ECO Balance is not just for gingival health problems, it's also for patients who get a lot of decay...What a result within a week!"

Kim, RDH (Morgantown, PA)

This stuff really works!

"I have never seen such resolution as I have seen with ECO Balance - complete resolution of periodontal pockets which was astonishing....Patients are happy. They are seeing resolution of their periodontal issues. Their gums stop bleeding, the stop having bad breath, their mouth feels fresh."
Dr. Elena Guk (Lemoyne, PA)
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