Free Online Teeth Whitening Certifications

Gain valuable clinical skills and practice building expertise with GLO online training courses and videos. Everyone on your team should be familiar with how to use GLO and how to position whitening in your practice. GLO courses make it easy!

Certification Training Courses

GLO In Office Whitening Certification

Length: approximately 1 hour

Description: The complete GLO Chairside Certification Course, including everything you need to know to deliver a GLO Chairside Whitening treatment in your practice, plus helpful tips and tricks to keep you and your patients smiling!

This course includes:

1. Supplies: what you will need
2. Isolation: how to place the gingival barrier
3. Whitening Application: how to apply the whitening gel
4. Mouthpiece Insertion: how to insert and activate the GLO mouthpiece
5. The Big Reveal: removing the gingival barrier and sharing the smile transformation
6. Post Care: instructions for your patient after whitening

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff — everyone should know how to GLO!

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Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course

Length: approximately 30 minutes

Description: Incorporating this simple 30 second technique into every hygiene visit is the best way to build awareness of tooth shade and whitening potential with your patients. This course explains how to do it and why it should be part of every hygiene appointment.

This course includes:

1. Why motivational shade taking is important
2. How to take a motivational shade
3. How to start the whitening conversation and introduce GLO
4. Tips and recommendations for taking Before & After pictures
5. How introducing teeth whitening works as an entry point to aesthetic dentistry

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff

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Teeth Whitening Training Videos For Dentists & Technicians

Clinical Whitening: Guides & Documents

Clinical Protocols & Tips

User Manuals

Sample Patient Clinical Forms

Clinical Studies & White Papers

SDS Sheets

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Teeth Whitening Certification Classes and Information Online

Welcome to the GLO Learning Center, where you'll find teeth whitening classes and videos online. Check out this page for a wide variety of practice-building tools, blogs and other information that will get you started with professional GLO Science Pro teeth whitening products and the GLO Science Pro teeth whitening system, all which are patented and clinically proven to whiten teeth.

GLO Science Pro Teeth Whitening Certification Online

You'll find many different GLO training videos and GLO training courses to familiarize you and your team with the various GLO Science Pro products. Here is where you'll find our GLO Science Pro teeth whitening certification in the GLO Chairside Certification Course, the Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course, the GLO Chairside Whitening Training Video and more — including an in-depth look at GLO device technology, GLO Vial technology and other informative looks into the GLO Science professional teeth whitening products and accessories. Stop back often for updates and new products, developed by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a practicing prosthodontist, innovator, educator and author.

Teeth Whitening Tutorials Online

Check out our videos and teeth whitening tutorials online to gain valuable skills, build expertise and learn how you can incorporate GLO Science Pro into your practice's healthy teeth and healthy gum education system. We're here for you! Have questions about our teeth whitening systems, products or are you looking for specific teeth whitening classes? Give us a call at 855-745-6776. We're here to help and support your practice!

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Frequently Ask Questions

While you and your team may have mastered dentistry, teeth whitening may require additional training and certification. Most dental practices use a third-party teeth whitening product. To be the best dentist, hygienist, assistant you can be, you should take advantage of any teeth whitening classes, training, or certifications offered by the third-party company. Taking advantage of all the education you can get will help improve patient results while allowing you to provide treatment with more confidence. And after all, teeth whitening is all about confidence.
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How Do I Get Trained To Offer In-Office Teeth Whitening?

To offer teeth whitening services, you must be a licensed professional that operates or works in the dental field. Before worrying about training, you should first decide which treatment method and products you are going to use. GLO Science Professional is a leading teeth whitening brand that can train you and your employees on best practices. After all, the brand you use will be a partner, not just a supplier. By supporting each other, you can grow each of your businesses while satisfying customers. To access GLO Science Professional training courses, click here.

What Certifications Do You Need For Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening should only be performed by a regulated dental professional such as a dentist or dental hygienist, according to state and local guidelines. While this is the primary qualification, you should also complete any training or certifications offered by the company that delivers the teeth whitening products your practice uses. There are plenty of informative training videos for practices using GLO Science Pro. The more education you have, the more confident you'll be. Patients will pick up on your confidence so it can directly relate to their experience.

How Much Can You Make As A Certified Teeth Whitening Tech?

Practices that offer teeth whitening can increase revenues significantly. If you can drive enough traffic and revenue, you may even have dedicated dental professionals that are solely teeth whitening techs. An individual that specializes in just teeth whitening could expect to make up to $79,500 annually. With technology and demand rising, you can expect to see salaries increasing in the teeth whitening market.

Do You Have To Be Certified To Whiten Teeth In California?

To work on an individual's mouth professionally, you need to be a certified dentist or under the direct supervision of one. Therefore, you can whiten teeth in a dental practice without certification or licensing, depending on what the dentist allows. This increases the importance of training and supervision.

Can Certified Estheticians Do Teeth Whitening In California?

Estheticians are not legally allowed to perform or offer teeth whitening services in California. For professional teeth whitening to be legal in California, it must be performed in a legal dental practice.

Is Teeth Whitening Illegal For Non-Dentists In Georgia?

Non-dentists are banned from competing with dentists to offer teeth whitening services in Georgia. Therefore, yes, it's illegal for non-dentists to perform teeth whitening in Georgia.

Does Teeth Whitening Require A License & Certification In New York?

New York law states that only licensed dental professionals can whiten teeth.

Can Anyone Provide Teeth Whitening If Certified?

Professional teeth whitening should only be performed by a regulated dental professional. If your patients want an at-home solution, your practice can sell them at-home products such as the GLO Science at-home teeth whitening kit. However, for the best results, teeth whitening should be done in a dental practice by a professional.

Can Certified Beauty Therapist Do Teeth Whitening?

Beauty therapists are not qualified to whiten teeth. If a beauty salon is offering teeth whitening, it's likely illegal. To keep your patients safe, you should educate them on best practices for teeth whitening. If they cannot afford the service at your practice they may look for other options which can present dangers.

What Do Trained Dental Hygienists Use To Whiten Teeth?

The main ingredient for whitening teeth is hydrogen peroxide. Most practices use a concentrated teeth whitening formula that includes hydrogen peroxide. After the formula is applied, a light is typically used to accelerate the process. Therefore, as a dentist or hygienist, you'll need to use a formula that delivers the whitest and brightest results. GLO Science Professional allows dentists to deliver the best results with only 16 minutes of in-chair treatment time.

Can You Work As A Dental Assistant Without Being Certified?

For dental assistants to be legitimate, they need to meet state requirements. In most states, this includes education and satisfactory work experience. Most states require a formal application to become a certified dental assistant in a particular state.

Why Do Certified Dental Hygienists Scrape?

During regular teeth cleaning, hygienists scrape to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Before performing teeth whitening services, you should make sure teeth are clean. If needed, scrape off any excess plaque and tartar buildup before starting treatment.

Can You Do Teeth Whitening As A Dental Nurse If You Get A Certification?

Dental nurses typically take photos, prepare treatment rooms, and construct whitening trays. However, a licensed dentist should be the one to perform the treatment.

Can A Trained Hygienist Remove Brown Stains?

Dental hygienists clean teeth. A deep teeth cleaning can temporarily remove stains, but the best treatment for removing brown stains is professional teeth whitening.

What Is A Step Above A Dental Hygienist Certification?

A dental hygienist with a bachelor's degree can earn the title of a dentist with more education and experience. The next step is to pursue a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Once you've received your degree, you'll need to obtain state licensing as well.

To keep referrals streaming and patients returning, use GLO Science Pro for teeth whitening at your practice. With patients and practices at the core of GLO's mission, the science of GLO is where the difference lies. We use an innovative combination of a controlled warming heat mouthpiece and specially formulated hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Our whitening gel uses premium, clean ingredients for maximum safety, efficacy, and comfort and is made in the USA. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. With just 16 minutes of total treatment time, you can maximize the number of patients you treat daily. It's also a great selling factor to let the patient know how quickly teeth whitening can be done.

How Long Is A Course To Learn Teeth Whitening?

A teeth whitening course for dental nurses can be completed in as little as a few hours. The GLO In Office Whitening Certification takes about one hour to complete. In which time you will learn how to provide stellar GLO Chairside Whitening treatment, along with so many helpful tips and tricks. In addition, we offer a Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course that takes around 30 minutes to complete. This teeth whitening technician course shows you how to incorporate a simple 30 second technique into each hygiene visit to promote the number of patients who undergo teeth whitening at your office.

Do I Need A License To Whiten Teeth In NC?

No, you do not need a specialized license to whiten teeth in NC, or anywhere in the US. Any program that says you need their teeth whitening course to earn legal certification is not a trustworthy source and should serve as an instant red flag. You must be a licensed dentist or work under a dentist to touch anyone’s mouth for any reason, but beyond that teeth whitening is free game. Since no certification is required, you do not technically need to undergo teeth whitening training. Still, your staff will need to learn how to safely and effectively utilize a certain teeth whitening system, that is where a teeth whitening technician course comes in handy.

What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Class?

The best teeth whitening class is one that pertains directly to the product or system you plan to use in your practice. Since each system has its own variations, it’s important for office staff to be knowledgeable and confident using the exact system in place. GLO teeth whitening training is centered around how to use our specially designed heated mouthpiece, which eliminates the need for overpriced and super bulky heat lamps, as well as our uniquely formulated whitening gel created by an NYC dentist. We go even deeper, offering specialized and beneficial information about teeth shades, sanitation protocols, and so much more. At the end of our online teeth whitening course, our goal is for technicians to feel comfortable and confident using GLO Science teeth whitening products to benefit the lives and smiles of patients.

What Classes Do You Need To Be Able To Whiten Teeth Professionally?

As mentioned before, no governing body requires any sort of course or certification to professionally whiten teeth. Although, the law does state you must be a dentist or practice under dentist supervision in order to touch a patient’s mouth in any way, for any reason. The goal of any teeth whitening course should be to instruct professionals on how to best utilize a certain whitening system to benefit their patients, providing safe and effective results that leave everyone happy.

What Strength Teeth Whitening Can My Dental Practice Offer If I Get Certified?

(A: 30% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel)

While the average at home whitening kit contains less than 10% hydrogen peroxide, a licensed dentist can use up to 30% hydrogen peroxide gel. This is what gives your dental practice the upper hand over at-home whitening kits. When paired with warming lights, the results patients can achieve in a dental chair are unmatched. The gel packs a lot of power but it’s the light that really helps accelerate and enhance results. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a high quality gel and light that will reduce sensitivity and provide truly brilliant results.

What Are The Education Requirements For A Dental Hygienist?

To become a dental hygienist one must complete a board certified and accredited Dental Hygiene program. This includes passing a dental hygiene clinical exam, along with the completion of approved courses regarding local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, and soft tissue curettage.

How Long Is Dental Hygienist School In California?

On average it takes around 16 months to complete dental hygienist school in California. In this time frame you will complete your associate of science degree, which makes you eligible for the National Board written exam as well as a State/Regional Clinical Board exam. Upon completion, you can earn your Registered Dental Hygienist license.

As A Dental Hygienist, What Classes Do I Need To Be Able To Whiten Teeth?

Once you are a certified dental hygienist working under a dentist, you do not technically need any additional classes to whiten teeth. That being said, the right teeth whitening course will further evolve your well-shaped skills and provide necessary information on how to use a specific teeth whitening system.

Are Teeth Whitening Classes Hard?

You survived dental school - now that is hard! Teeth whitening classes, on the other hand, should not be hard. Instead they should be interesting and informative. GLO training videos are easy to follow and make it simple to learn the best practices behind whitening patient teeth in your office using our unparalleled system. The science and patented technology behind GLO teeth whitening products eliminates pain and sensitivity, reduces the need for bulky and costly equipment, and cuts the time patients spend in your chair by a fraction. You can learn how to brighten smiles quickly and efficiently using our free online teeth whitening course.

What Are The Most Popular Teeth Whitening Training Courses?

Be weary of any program that says you need their professional teeth whitening course to earn certification and provide teeth whitening in your practice. By law, any dentist office may provide teeth whitening without additional credentials or paperwork.

GLO Science offers free teeth whitening certifications through a series of training courses and videos that your whole team can build on and learn from. From shade assessments to equipment usage, we’ve got you covered so you can start offering the best teeth whitening treatments to your patients in no time.

For more information on how GLO Science Professional teeth whitening works. . . visit our training page today!
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