How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business?

How To Start A Teeth Whitening Business

As dental professionals, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than contributing to the well-being of our patients. But it can be challenging to bridge the gap between what patients need and want

That’s why professional teeth whitening presents such an incredible opportunity for dental practices. With up to half of all patients returning for other cosmetic procedures, whitening is a way to build interest around bonds, veneers, and other enhancements.  It’s also one of the few treatments that gets people excited about going to the dentist so they can show off their “instant” results! 

Whether your dental practice is new or well-established, optimizing patient care is a top priority for all clinicians. If you’re not offering professional teeth whitening in your office or are curious about how to maximize your investment in this area, we’re here to address some of the most frequently asked questions on starting a teeth whitening business.

Free Teeth Whitening Business Training Tutorial

With over 40 million Americans investing in professional teeth whitening, it's a clear choice for any practice looking to elevate its services. And once a dental practice decides to offer professional teeth whitening services, they’ll want to make sure everything is in place to launch a successful program. Many companies may promise their system is comprehensive but lack adequate support and education. 

GLO Science Pro offers a FREE one-hour Chairside Whitening Training Course, with everything you and your staff need to know to complete chairside whitening in your practice. You’ll also learn tips and tricks to keep patients smiling (and returning) after their treatments. 

Can I Start My Own Teeth Whitening Business? 

Yes! Teeth whitening is a convenient and effective way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Many consumers opt for at-home whitening for their reduced cost, however, the best results can only be achieved through a dental practice. 

Before launching the business, a comprehensive, professional education and training program is essential. It’s wise to get trained and certified so that you can competently practice with yourself, your family, and your friends—and also to make sure it’s something you love. 

Once you’re ready to take on “real” clients, we suggest you frame your certificate and hang it up in your place of business. The certificate adds credibility and reassures your customers that your office is proficient with the products and services you offer.

How to Start a Small Teeth Whitening Business? 

At GLO Science, we understand that the products and services your practice delivers reflect the business you’ve worked hard to establish. With the some of the highest accolades in the industry, we’ve created all the tools needed to ensure the utmost safety and success in a professional whitening program.

GLO Science Pro created our Success Starter Set to help offices seamlessly incorporate in-office professional whitening into their practice. This turnkey system includes everything needed to set up your brand-new whitening program and clear instructions for your entire team. Communication, marketing, and education are the foundation of a successful whitening business, and our team is here to assist throughout the process. 

With the right whitening program and partner in place, your renewed focus on teeth whitening to excite and engage your current patients will help you increase patient acceptance and home care compliance while empowering your hygiene team and growing your overall practice.

Do You Have to be Qualified to do Teeth Whitening? 

While GLO does not require additional training, professional whitening courses are strongly encouraged and are a great way to educate your staff on the many components of a successful program. 

To complement your whitening business, GLO offers a Motivational Shade Assessment Course. In just thirty minutes, learn how to incorporate this simple yet effective technique into every hygiene visit, building awareness of tooth shade and whitening potential with your patients. 

You’ll also want to choose a professional whitening system that supports your office with demonstrations and training from experienced sales representatives. Seeing how a system works in person makes all the difference! Your practice deserves to offer the best whitening system available anywhere so your patients, team, and business can benefit. 

Can Anyone Sell Teeth Whitening? 

GLO is proud to partner with over 5,000 dental practices to provide our professional whitening products to your patients on your behalf. While we do offer a retail line readily available to consumers, due to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide our whitening gel contains, our professional line is only available for use by licensed dental professionals. This not only ensures the safety and efficacy of the procedure but makes patients feel confident knowing they’re getting proper care from an expert.

Is There a Demand for Teeth Whitening? 

Consumers are invested in their health more now than ever before. Thanks to remote work (hello, Zoom calls), high-definition cameras, and a reduced cost of services, people are finally seeing beautiful, bright smiles and attainable and accessible.

Perhaps the best aspect of professional teeth whitening is that the service practically sells itself. Once patients realize their smile potential, they’re likely to invest in the treatment. And this opens the gateway to other cosmetics services, making whitening a highly lucrative niche. 

GLO Science Pro can whiten teeth up to 12 shades with just 16 minutes of total treatment time. In addition, our product only uses hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening ingredient, the proven gold standard for safe and effective teeth whitening. As a result, patients can say goodbye to teeth whitening side effects such as sensitivity and dehydration. 

Can I Offer Teeth Whitening at Home? 

Maintenance and at-home whitening are key components of a successful whitening business. We make it easy for patients to whiten (and prolong) their brightest smiles between office treatments with:

  • Universal comfort fit mouthpiece (no custom trays)
  • Wireless technology
  • Quick induction charging
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity

The GLO Professional Take Home Kit uses patented GLO heat and light technology inside the mouthpiece, combined with specially formulated 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth. When the mouthpiece is inserted, it traps the whitening oxygens against the teeth so they can’t escape, then gently warms them to the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening action. 

What do You Need to Offer Teeth Whitening? 

The best part about our universal mouthpiece and compact whitening devices is that you can easily make any space a treatment room! Transform your office into a place that radiates good energy and encourages patients to come in and slow down. 

Next, focus on quality products and services, the backbone of any teeth whitening business. At GLO Science, we’ve created all the tools needed to ensure a successful professional whitening program. From free online certification courses to access to marketing and social media imagery and video, you and your staff will save valuable time, while feeling confident in your ability to deliver the very best in professional whitening. 

Helping you provide the best care for your patients is at the heart of everything we do. We've drawn on decades of clinical and practice management experience to create products that maximize patient comfort and results while simultaneously optimizing production, team satisfaction, and efficiency. We’d love to have you join the thousands of dental practices utilizing the most technologically advanced whitening system on the market.

How to Start a Teeth Whitening Business?

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