Is A Teeth Whitening Business Profitable?

Is A Teeth Whitening Business Profitable? - Talking with a patient

The field of dentistry continues to gain momentum, with new technology making cosmetic services more prevalent and affordable to the general population. Out of all available treatments, professional whitening remains one of the most popular choices, and it’s easy to see why. Teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to look younger and feel better, something everyone wants.

The rise in telecommunications and social media popularity, not to mention enhanced camera capability on phones has lots of people noticing imperfections they may have overlooked before. This has made the teeth whitening business profitable, yet, many dentists are still wondering just how profitable it can be to add this service to their business, and the best way to launch a successful whitening program.

To stay current and make teeth whitening worth your time (and money), clinicians must take full advantage of every marketing angle available. Whether you’re in tune with the latest whitening systems or still debating the idea, we’ve rounded up some information to help make your decisions a little easier.

Here’s why every dental practice should offer teeth whitening and how it can help grow your business.

Why Dentists Should Offer Teeth Whitening

Oral hygiene and overall health and wellness remain top healthcare concerns for patients, which is great news for your practice. Why not use this opportunity to educate your patients about the benefits of professional teeth whitening? It will not only drive more traffic through your office, but it also encourages return visits and referrals— Why? Because patients who invest in professional teeth whitening tend to take better care of their teeth overall. Plus, when they look and feel better, they’re apt to refer your services to friends and family.

Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Business Promises Higher ROI

We know health care is expensive, and many dentists wonder how to “sell” elective procedures to patients without turning them off. We’re going to let you in on a secret– professional teeth whitening is an elective procedure that sells itself, making the teeth whitening business profitable.

Many patients are unaware of their true teeth shade, so we always recommend beginning with a Motivational Shade consultation. Once it’s demonstrated just how easy it is to improve the quality of their smiles, many opt for the service without much convincing. A bonus? Sometimes a whitening consultation can lead to the detection of other oral health issues such as cavities or loose caps, which may have otherwise been avoided. It’s also a motivating precursor to other cosmetic procedures.

Having adequate support and educational tools also impacts your success and profitability. When choosing GLO Science Pro for professional teeth whitening services, you’ll work with a company that provides everything needed to launch a successful program. Our team is here to offer the support your practice needs to stand out from other dental businesses, making your office the “go-to” destination for all teeth whitening services.

Can normal dentists do teeth whitening?

Yes! GLO Science Pro’s line is available for purchase by all licensed dental professionals. We understand how important the products you choose for your practice are, and that’s why our whitening system is FDA-registered and backed by numerous studies. Patients seek your expert opinion on their oral health, so you can feel confident delivering them the very best products.

How to add cosmetic teeth whitening to your practice?

One of the biggest struggles when launching a professional whitening program is a solid marketing plan. After all, in today's competitive environment, even a teeth whitening business profitable venture can struggle to gain traction if patients don't know the services you offer or how beneficial they are. Luckily, the GLO Pro team consistently shares new marketing resources and promotional strategies directly with partner practices and through social media.

Why do dentists drive more teeth-whitening customer leads than salons?

From at-home teeth whitening to toothpaste and floss, your patients see you as an expert on all things related to oral care. They trust your opinion which is why they will choose teeth whitening in your care over a non-licensed individual. Communicate with patients the advantages of seeking professional teeth whitening treatments from an expert as opposed to other alternatives. Remind them that when whitening is done by a dental professional, they’ll receive pre- and post-treatment care specifically tailored to them. 

Add value to your services by working with brands highly regarded by industry leaders and backed by reputable studies. GLO Science Pro holds over 25 issued patents for our oral care products and proprietary teeth whitening technologies. From our unique universal mouthpiece to our teeth whitening ingredients, GLO Science Pro has proven to be the best teeth whitening on the market, and something you can’t get just “anywhere”.

Does offering teeth whitening drive more return patients?

Whitening patients tend to take better care of their teeth at home, seek more in-office procedures, and send more referrals. This creates a cycle that benefits everyone – happy patients with bright smiles and a thriving teeth whitening business profitable for your practice. By capitalizing on their dedicated oral care, you’ll attract whitening patients in both existing and new clients. Not to mention, smile transformations make for excellent advertising! Include before and afters in newsletters, on social media, and your website. We’re confident the results you get with GLO Science Pro are unparalleled, and it truly is a service that sells itself.

How does offering teeth whitening increase overall revenue?

Professional teeth whitening offers an excellent return on investment through return visits, maintenance between checkups, referrals, and attracting new patients. This translates to a teeth whitening business profitable for your practice. Many dentists worry about the initial cost, but the GLO Pro whitening system makes it easy to turn any space into a treatment room. The compact whitening device design takes up less than 6 square inches of countertop space, can be set up in seconds, and can move easily between rooms for maximum flexibility. Plus, our newest technology reduces the need for time-consuming impressions, further reducing overhead costs for equipment and staffing.

To capitalize most, we recommend ensuring all staff is adequately trained in your whitening program; after all, they are your best sales asset! Ensure they’re well-versed in the products, terminology, and costs you’re offering. Incentivize sales with goals and rewards. After all, who doesn’t love a challenge?

At GLO Science Pro, we understand that time and budget constraints can impact staff training, which is why we’ve created concise and free training videos to complement our in-office and at-home teeth whitening systems. By taking away the guesswork, you can feel confident your staff is knowledgeable and prepared to promote the best teeth whitening services to patients.

Incorporating GLO Professional Whitening into your practice goes beyond just providing patients with the confidence and pride of a bright, white smile. GLO Science is committed to helping you deliver the best possible care, and that includes creating a thriving dental practice.  Our focus is on creating safe, high-quality treatments with a comfortable and sensitivity-free experience. By making it easy for you to offer exceptional patient experiences, you'll also be setting your practice up for a teeth whitening business profitable endeavor. After all, happy patients lead to more referrals and returning customers!

We’re excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to building a solid program together.

Is A Teeth Whitening Business Profitable?

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