The dental industry has come leaps and bounds in recent years, yet many clinicians are still plagued by patient assumptions that dental visits only consist of cleanings and fillings. And while maintaining oral health is paramount, we think it’s time to switch the narrative on what people expect from their dentists. 

That’s why at GLO Science Pro, we’re on a mission to enhance dental practices with the latest teeth whitening technologies while continuing to provide the high quality of care patients have come to expect. By using professional whitening as a gateway to other services, you’ll not only generate more revenue, but you’ll also create patients who seek out additional treatment options and take better care of their teeth overall. 

While this sounds great, we also understand change is hard. That’s why we’ve developed a new GLO Pro E-Book to break down the facts and show you just how easy (and profitable) a professional tooth whitening program can be for your practice. 

Here are a few key points to consider when incorporating a solid marketing plan for whitening services:

Office Layout and Staff Requirements- Consider the space you have available, as well as where and how you’ll perform in-office teeth whitening. You’ll also want to assess the time it takes to train staff to deliver these treatments. What’s the sterilization process? Will they need to trim down custom whitening trays?

Our GLO Pro Hardware Kit has taken all of this into consideration and instantly transforms any treatment room into a professional whitening room. It requires little space, and the universal fit of our Autoclavable Mouthpiece means no more messy teeth whitening strips or time-consuming trays!

Patient Education- Listening to what patients want is key to a successful practice. But often, it can be difficult to convince them to follow through on treatments we know are in their best clinical interest.

To address this, we offer GLO Pro’s Motivational Shade Taking, allowing dentists to help each patient discover their full smile potential in just a few minutes. We recommend incorporating a Shade Assessment into every hygiene visit, an easy and comfortable way to make the patient aware of the shade of their teeth, track shade changes over time, and begin a whitening conversation.

Advertising and Marketing- All great professional whitening programs require some degree of advertising and marketing to be successful. This can be done both in-office and virtually in various ways, depending on the clientele. With many dental professionals already strapped for time, we’ve streamlined training and marketing into one easy-to-use program. 

The GLO Science Professional Success Starter Set allows your dental practice to launch GLO Science Professional Whitening quickly, easily, and seamlessly. It includes everything you need to set up your brand new GLO whitening program, along with clear instructions and support to make your teeth whitening program a success.

As the innovative leaders in professional teeth whitening, GLO Pro offers the superior tools and technology needed to maximize the role of whitening in your dental practice. 

Ready to elevate and grow your practice? You can download our free E-Book here!


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