How to Make the Most Out of the Current Teeth Whitening Boom

There’s something about summer that just makes everything better. Longer days, warmer weather — and this promises to be one of the best as mask regulations are loosening around the country. After a year of limited activity and reduced spending, people are anxious to re-emerge an improved version of themselves and many now have the money saved to make those self-improvement goals a reality. Teeth whitening sales are surging with consumers, making now an incredible time for dentists who can offer whitening ‘tweakments’ and other cosmetic procedures to patients. At Tend, a New York-based dental startup, there’s been a 133% increase in consultations for its invisible teeth straightening Breezy Braces and a 153% increase in teeth whitening appointments since February, a spokesperson for the company told FOX Business Thursday. “Our members have definitely expressed higher demand for aesthetic treatments post-pandemic,” said their spokesperson, Helen Zhang. 

Is your practice ready to capitalize on this whitening boom? Dental practices should take advantage of this moment and respond quickly to the current surge in interest. Wait and you’ll risk losing a significant revenue opportunity, but even more importantly, you will miss an important patient care opportunity. Be aware that you are competing with other retailers who may be providing lesser quality products, and it also wasn’t that long ago that people were filing their teeth on Tik Tok to beautify their smiles. If the answer is yes (as it should be), GLO is here to help every step of the way, ensuring a successful whitening program and happy, healthy patients. Here are a few key areas to consider:

There’s no substitute for professional teeth whitening.

As calendars quickly fill up with social events, celebrations, and more, everyone is looking to make up for the lost time — and they want results fast. Professional teeth whitening is still the best and safest way to whiten teeth (and with GLO, the quickest, too). Educate your patients on the advantages of seeking professional teeth whitening treatments rather than letting them resort to using banana peels or alternatives sold at big-box stores. Share before and after smile transformations to market your practice and showcase the power of GLO Pro. Remind them that when a dental professional does whitening, they’ll receive pre and post-treatment care specifically tailored to them – especially important now when many patients may have skipped an appointment or two. Let them know professional teeth whitening can be more affordable than they thought with a professional whitening special. Educate patients about how GLO Pro technology works to whiten teeth without sensitivity and zingers and discuss additional treatment options to improve their smiles.

Celebrate with a whiter smile.

Catchphrases such as “vax summer” and “wedding boom” recently emerged in reference to summer 2021. People with disposable income saved up from a period of being not dressed up and having nowhere to go are excited to attend events again and are willing to pay a premium to look and feel their best. With many celebrations postponed during the pandemic, we’re now able to forge ahead, offering a prime opportunity for practices this summer.

Differentiate your practice and maximize revenue by making professional whitening part of the celebration. Think GLO Whitening Parties and White Wedding specials — these incentives appeal to brides, grooms, and guests. Selling GLO Take-Home Kits as bridal party gifts is also a way to successfully market your practice to a very desirable audience.

Whitening patients make the best dental patients.

Even the most disciplined patients sometimes need a little extra help to get oral care routines back on track. Delayed visits due to the pandemic mean busy offices this summer as states reduce restrictions and more people are fully vaccinated. Use this time to showcase your practice and the services you offer!

Incentivize patients with a teeth whitening discount when scheduling their next hygiene appointment. And while in your chair, have your team incorporate our Motivational Shade Guide to highlight a patient’s smile potential after a GLO professional whitening treatment. Contests, raffles, and giveaways are other ways to build excitement and energy around oral care and teeth whitening.

A strategic business model is your best asset as we enter this new phase in dentistry. It’s been a long year, but it’s time to give patients (and you) a reason to show off your big, toothy smile to the world again.

If you need assistance launching your whitening program, our Whitening Success Starter Set is a turnkey solution for making the most out of GLO Professional Whitening in your practice. Visit our website or connect with your GLO rep for more details. We’re excited to be on this journey with you and look forward to an excellent second half of the year. 


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