5 Game Changing Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening for Your Practice

5 Game Changing Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening for Your Practice

Teeth Whitening has become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Being more affordable and highly accessible than other dental cosmetic alternatives has made it the go-to choice for most patients.

But let's be honest, the in office teeth whitening treatments can be quite a hassle, eating up your team’s time and resources. As dental experts, we're always on the lookout for solutions that save us time and effort, all while making sure our patients get the best care.

That's where Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and GLO Science PRO took on their mission to bring you groundbreaking dental technology that not only makes teeth whitening more effective and efficient but also wholly transforms the dental experience.

In this post, we'll dive into how our cutting-edge GLO PRO Power+ In Office Teeth Whitening Device can revamp your dental office and give you a competitive advantage.

1. Patented Mouthpiece

Our patented mouthpiece combines gentle warming heat with advanced blue LED light technology in a closed system to boost your patients' teeth whitening results. It keeps the optimal temperature throughout the session for faster whitening without causing excessive dehydration or post-operative sensitivity. It fits comfortably for everyone and can be used multiple times. It's also safe to autoclave to ensure proper hygiene measures.

2. Time-Saving Teeth Whitening System

The innovative state-of-the-art heat technology ensures the mouthpiece warms up 8 times faster and instantly. The whole chair time, including preparation, only takes 30 minutes, and the treatment time is just 16 minutes. The cutback on chair time means you can book more patients per day and, accordingly, higher revenue for the practice.

3. Specially Formulated Whitening Gel

GLO's teeth whitening gel proudly made in the USA, offers quick and comfortable results. With minimal preparation and two short 8-minute treatments, your patients can achieve up to 12 shades whiter without sensitivity. This specially formulated whitening treatment comes in an advanced dual-barrel system for easy application. You can choose from two hydrogen peroxide concentrations: 30% for most people and 24% for younger patients or those who are sensitive.

4. No Mess, No Lab Fees

The patented, universally sized mouthpiece saves your team's time and your practice's money. You won't have to deal with messy and uncomfortable impressions or custom trays, and you can save the additional expenses of labs.

5. Space Saver

No need for outdated whitening lamps. You’ll no longer need to rearrange your office setting to fit in bulky equipment. Our compact and portable device easily blends into your office, giving it a modern look with its sleek design. Transforming any hygiene room into a whitening room is now a breeze. 

The innovation doesn’t stop here. GLO Science PRO equips your dental practice with at home whitening tools that you can sell or give to your patients to boost their bright smiles further even after they leave your dental office. Increasing their satisfaction and trust will secure a loyal patient that keeps returning and referring others to your practice.

Time to upgrade your practice? Connect with us today to learn more.

5 Game Changing Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening for Your Practice

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