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Welcome to the future of teeth whitening management. The GLO App is
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managing treatments, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both you
and your patients.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Easily manage and track personalized treatment plans, sessions, and product applications for each patient, ensuring precise care.

Intuitive Interface

Our app’s user-friendly design ensures smooth navigation and optimal user experience for both dental professionals and patients.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster better patient engagement and collaboration through integrated communication features, ensuring comprehensive care.


Enhance patient compliance and satisfaction by combining in-office whitening with wireless at-home treatment, all connected through the GLO App.

Increase your clinic's visibility in search engine results, attracting new patients actively seeking dental services.

Tap into a market of over 3,000 retail sales per month, potentially converting searches into new patient appointments.

Utilize search engine visibility to consistently attract new patients, fostering clinic growth and patient retention.

Join leading dental practices using the GLO App to optimize patient outcomes.

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