As 2019 comes to a close and we get ready to welcome in 2020, many people are busy making New Year’s resolutions. These goals traditionally focus on self-improvement and overall well-being, making this a perfect time to introduce (or re-introduce) the idea of professional teeth whitening to your patients. What better way to start off the new year than with a brighter, whiter smile?

Oral hygiene awareness is currently trending as a top dental topic, which is great news for your practice. Use this opportunity to educate patients about the benefits of professional teeth whitening. It’s a sure way to generate traffic into your office, thus increasing revenue, while also increasing patient satisfaction. Teeth whitening procedures are predicted to continue to grow in demand next year, making 2020 a great time to share GLO with your patients. Here are some effective talking points when promoting GLO teeth whitening within your practice:

  • Treatment time is only 32 minutes in the office
  • There’s no treatment sensitivity
  • Patients get lasting results without dehydration
  • There’s no uncomfortable trays to wear
  • Patients are free to move around while they GLO
  • GLO also works to remove stains and brighten porcelain veneers, bonded teeth, and implants returning them to their original color
  • Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile!

Dr. Jose R. Abadin from Coral Gables, FL says, "Our patients are impressed by the ease and comfort of the In-Office Treatment, and the convenience and high-tech design of the Take Home Kit. Even patients who have been sensitive to whitening in the past have been able to tolerate GLO with little to no sensitivity. The GLO team offers eye-catching marketing materials for self-promotion as well as excellent customer service!"

New marketing techniques and promotional strategies within your office and through social media can help increase awareness of your aesthetic services, including teeth whitening. Here are a few ways to utilize GLO resources to help build your practice in the new year:

  • Motivational Shade Taking- Consider integrating this into each hygiene visit. It provides a way to open dialogue about professional whitening in a comfortable manner.
  • Utilize Online Resources- We have editable flyers, videos, and testimonials on our website that make featuring our products and promotions easy.
  • Keep Your Inventory Stocked- Having GLO products, like our Take-Home kit or Vials readily available for purchase is a sure way to increase sales and build patient compliance. Remind them that these products are only available for sale through dental professionals.
  • A Strong Social Media Presence is Key- In this age of technology, people are looking for the fastest ways to receive information. Keep them in the loop by sharing products, services, results, and stories on your social media platforms.

2020 is going to be another solid year of growth for the professional teeth whitening industry. Now is the time to make sure your office is taking the right steps so both you and your patients can benefit from this growing trend.

Everyone at GLO wishes you a very happy and healthy GLOing new year!

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