Maximizing Teeth Whitening Efficacy with GLO: A Clinical Study

Maximizing Teeth Whitening Efficacy with GLO: A Clinical Study

The desire to excel in your profession, meet the high expectations of your patients, and stand out in a competitive field is something that all dental professionals share. On the other hand, as the market gets crowded with various take-home whitening or over-the-counter quick fixes, many patients are disappointed with the results. As a result, they’d appreciate the dentist's recommendations for a tool they can trust and rely on.

GLO Science Whitening System can fulfill dental professionals' and patients’ desires likewise by allowing you to offer our state-of-the-art at-home teeth whitening solutions that truly work—combining all the factors of efficient whitening and eliminating ones responsible for sensitivity.

But we don’t just claim that GLO Science provides impressive results. Our efficacy is clinically proven. And in this blog, we’ll analyze one of the clinical trials that showcases the superiority.

Efficacy of GLO Vials with GLO whitening devices

GLO at-home whitening routine includes four short 8-minute consecutive sessions, typically happening over five days. Before each session, the patient applies fresh whitening gel to the upper and lower front teeth surfaces before inserting the mouthpiece. Our unique whitening gel formula, which contains only 6% hydrogen peroxide, gets rapidly activated by our patented heating mouthpiece. This combination ensures teeth whitening happens quickly and safely without excessively dehydrating the enamel, which leads to sensitivity and more staining.

To put GLO Vials and the GLO at-home teeth whitening device to the test, a group of twelve participants took part in a randomized clinical trial. The main goal of the study was to see how much the participants' teeth shades improved using the Vita Shade Guide. The progress of their teeth shade was documented on Day 3, Day 5, and Day 7, comparing it to how it was at the beginning of the trial. The researchers also checked the final whiter shades on Day 7 and Day 30 to see if they held up and how well the results lasted.

The Incomparable Results

The study revealed that subjects with darker teeth shades at the beginning of the trial reported significantly whiter shades after only 3 days. Impressively, almost 67% of the participants said that they maintained their whiter shades as it is for a whole month, even though they went back to enjoying tea and coffee right after ending the active whitening days.

Not to mention that seven participants enjoyed 5-7 shades of whiter teeth, while the other 5 participants had a 3-4 shade improvement on average. It's worth noting that no one in the study reported any adverse side effects or discomfort while applying the gel or using the device.

However, while these results show that a 5-day treatment can bring about significant and lasting shade improvements, it's important to remember that everyone's teeth differ. Some individuals might require a longer whitening period, perhaps 7-10 days, to achieve their desired results.

Dentists' Best-Kept Secret

After jump-starting your patients’ whitening journey with in-office professional teeth whitening sessions, it's common for them to see their bright smiles fade over time as they go about their busy lives. But, by offering them a convenient tool at home, you’ll help them maintain their bright teeth longer. This not only builds trust between you and your patients but also makes them more likely to turn to your dental practice for future touch-ups or even consider trying out the other dental services you offer.

At GLO Science, we aim to transform the whole dental experience for both professionals and patients. Our innovative, clinically proven whitening systems provide fast, effective, and lasting results without causing teeth sensitivity. It was invented by a dentist for dentists dedicated to offering their patients the best in-office experience and a trustworthy take-home whitening option.

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Maximizing Teeth Whitening Efficacy with GLO: A Clinical Study

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