Unveiling the Power of GLO Vials: A Clinical Study

Unveiling the Power of GLO Vials: A Clinical Study

The heart of any teeth whitening system lies in its whitening gel formula. However, the safety and efficacy of the bleaching agent remain a concern for most patients and, sometimes, dental professionals. This gentle yet potent combination must hit the balance by achieving the desired whitening effect while preserving tooth health without causing sensitivity.

And here at GLO Science, we solved the equation with our patented GLO Vials. Each vial contains a safe hydrogen peroxide concentration and other carefully selected ingredients that work together to deliver a bright smile without causing discomfort or sensitivity.

While marketing claims can be promising, it’s not enough for dental professionals committed to providing the best oral care to their patients. Clinical studies provide a solid base and unbiased proof to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of dental products.

That’s why GLO Vials were put under the test.

GLO-ing Evidence of Whitening Excellence

The clinical study involved 25 subjects with tooth shades of A3 or higher. The study aimed to detect 3-5 shade changes over 14 days, and the shades were assessed using the Vita Shade Guide. The participants were asked to apply the whitening gel twice daily after brushing. And the shades were assessed twice, at the starting day and on Day 14.

The study results were remarkable, as 78% of the subjects reported a shade change of 3 or more. Moreover, 25% enjoyed a 4-shade change, and 8% achieved an impressive 5-shade change.

And it’s important to realize that these results were achieved by using the whitening gel solely without light activation. Seeing that leads us to test how they’d perform when paired with GLO’s state-of-the-art heat technology for maximum efficacy.

Moreover, the notable results didn’t stop with only whiter shades. The researcher surveyed the personal patient experience.

Patient Satisfaction: Beyond Whitening Results

The study revealed a noticeable level of user satisfaction. 100% of the participants found the gel application easy and mess-free. Moreover, 92% said that they’ll be buying the GLO Teeth Whitening system for personal at-home use, while 88% said they’d recommend it to their family and friends.

Owing to that, introducing GLO Science Dual Teeth Whitening system in your office ensures effective and convenient in-office whitening sessions while opening a new door for patient referrals through your retained patients trusting your whitening services, whether in the office or at home.

In conclusion, the clinical study provided compelling evidence of GLO Vials' efficacy and safety, which makes it a valuable addition to the dental professionals' toolkit. Its ability to deliver significant whitening results without causing sensitivity, coupled with its ease of use, makes GLO an ideal choice for both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments.


For a detailed look at the study, click Here.

Unveiling the Power of GLO Vials: A Clinical Study

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