How Offering At Home Teeth Whitening Can Transform Your Dental Practice

How Offering At Home Teeth Whitening Can Transform Your Dental Practice

A loyal patient who keeps returning to your dental practice for regular checkups and treatments is the best achievement a dental office can have. Building this loyalty not only means you keep a happy patient, but it's also the best way to spread the word about your practice. When you're their go-to place, you'll always be on their minds, and they'll likely recommend you to their family and friends.

In this post, we'll explain how offering the at-home teeth whitening device in your practice can change how your patients view your dental office. This will help you build a strong bond of loyalty and trust with your patients and ensure you meet all their needs and expectations, even if they have sensitive teeth or are unsure about in-office teeth whitening treatments and how long the results will last.

Why GLO PRO At Home Teeth Whitening Device is a Great Deal for Your Patients

With a sleek and modern design, this device can achieve up to 10 shades whiter in only four days without sensitivity. Your patient needs to use it for just two short 8-minute sessions each day to complete the full treatment course. It's wireless, convenient, and easy to use without messy applications or dripping gels.

It’s the ideal offering for your patients to meet their diverse needs:

  • GLO PRO At Home Teeth Whitening Device is the perfect way to keep their in-office whitening results last longer. This assures the patients that their brilliant results will stay with them, providing reliability, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • A convenient option for patients looking for a reliable whitening option. Still, they won’t do in-office whitening treatment, either due to limited budget or time.
  • Patients with existing teeth sensitivity can safely enjoy whiter teeth by using this device paired with GLO Vials, which contain a safe and specially formulated 10% Hydrogen Peroxide.

What’s Included in GLO PRO At Home Whitening Kit

  • Wireless Patented Mouthpiece with Built-In Timer
  • Induction Charging Case with USB Cable
  • 5 Teeth Whitening Gel GLO Vials (Mint Flavor, 10% Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Nourishing Lip Care
  • Sleek Travel Case
  • User Manual

Moreover, your technology-savvy patients will love connecting their devices to the GLO Whitening Mobile App, where they can manage, customize, and schedule their treatments.

This compact, innovative device will save your team’s time and effort, eliminating the need for custom trays, messy impressions, and lab fees. It will allow you to provide your patients with a reliable and convenient, at-home replica of in-office whitening treatments.

By offering the GLO PRO device, you'll satisfy your patients' smiles, foster their loyalty and trust, and guarantee their word of mouth to friends and family. It's a win-win for both your practice and your patients.


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How Offering At Home Teeth Whitening Can Transform Your Dental Practice

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