The dental industry has come leaps and bounds in recent years. Technological breakthroughs, social media, and a global pandemic caused a shift in how people view oral care.

What was once “just” a basic cleaning has now become an important opportunity for smile transformations, cancer screenings, and overall better health. As dental professionals, we have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to provide patients the tools necessary to maintain adequate care at home.

While we eagerly awaited the return of patients to offices last year, 2021 brought forth a new dilemma; how to best care for those who missed regular preventative cleanings during the pandemic. With cases on the rise once again, it remains paramount we communicate the importance of these appointments. Good oral care not only maintains good overall health but can also reduce fatal outcomes from COVID-19.

How can we continue encouraging the scheduling (and keeping) of appointments to ensure proper dental care? There are quite a few ways to entice even the most reluctant patients:

  • Get Social-We can almost guarantee that most patients who walk through your door are on at least one social media platform. In fact, 97% read online reviews for local businesses. We are a society accustomed to having things at our fingertips, making social media a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

    Use your online presence to share office news, introduce staff, and showcase new technologies your practice utilizes. Give patients a glimpse into what they can expect from their visit. It’s is a great way to ease anxious patients and those with chronic dental fears.
  • Get Local-If there’s a silver lining to the last year, it’s that people are now prioritizing their health more than ever. Dental care plays a pivotal role in overall health and wellness. Consider seeking partnerships with other   businesses in similar industry roles such as gyms, estheticians, and salons. Doing so allows you acquisition to a new client base and evokes a positive, modern spin on dentistry and teeth whitening services. 
  • Get Creative- Let’s face it. Today’s society grants access to pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want it. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become household names, and dentists have begun incorporating these kinds of little luxuries into their practices.

    If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, there’s no better time! Providing streaming services during cleanings or offering patients spa features like aromatherapy or headphones streaming their favorite podcasts are creative solutions to make dental visits more enjoyable. The result? Patients are more likely to return for future visits and refer your services to family and friends.
  • Get GLOing- The products you offer patients matter, and with their ability to search for customer reviews, ratings, and ingredient lists in the palm of their hand, be sure you’re giving them the best. Some companies promise results through LED teeth whitening, whitening pens, and whitening toothpaste, but many of these claims are unfounded or exaggerated. 

    GLO Science Professional is the only teeth whitening kit that combines warming heat & light technology for the fastest at-home results without sensitivity. Our whitening products are designed to provide a positive, effective, and stress-free whitening experience for clinicians and patients alike. They also help promote at-home compliance, leading to better oral care habits in between checkups. 

You’ll find a full line of smile solutions with GLO, from in-office whitening to at-home gum health. To complement a whiter, brighter smile, our sister brand Twice also offers toothpaste packed with clean ingredients, clinical benefits, and vitamins. We are also committed to giving back through the GLO Good Foundation, providing necessary oral care to those in need. 

As we approach this upcoming fall season with a bit of uncertainty, GLO Science remains committed to offering you safe, innovative ways to promote healthy, beautiful smiles within your practice. To learn more, visit us at, or follow us on social media for up-to-date information and marketing tips. 

Sources: Good oral health reduces risk of fatal outcomes from COVID-19 | Newsroom - McGill University

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