What are the ingredients of GLO Whitening gel?

Distilled Water, Polyethylene Glycol, Hydrogen Peroxide (10%), Potassium Nitrate, Glycerin, Edetate Disodium, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Hydroxide, Flavor.

What is the active whitening ingredient in the GLO whitening gel?

All of our whitening gel formulations are made from hydrogen peroxide. We do not use any carbamide peroxide in any of our products.

What is the hydrogen peroxide percentage (H202%) of the GLO Professional Whitening gel?

GLO Science Professional offers two strengths of in-office whitening gel: 24% hydrogen peroxide and 30% hydrogen peroxide. Choosing the right strength will depend on patient sensitivity level, age, and starting shade as well as the desired whitening shade of the patient. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel included in the GLO Science Professional Take Home Kit for patient use at home, available exclusively through dental practices, is 10% HP.

What is the shelf life of GLO whitening gel?

24 months for both GLO chairside whitening gel dual barrel syringes and GLO Vials for home use.

Are there any pre or post treatments for desensitizing?

When applied as directed, GLO Science Professional whitening technology results in minimal to no treatment sensitivity so there is rarely a reason to pre-treat for sensitivity. The gentle, controlled warming heat of the closed-system mouthpiece prevents dehydration of the teeth, a common cause of sensitivity. In addition, the whitening gel formula is specially formulated with potassium nitrate which acts as a protective barrier and desensitizing agent. That said, if your gums are especially prone to sensitivity, be sure to apply the GLO Lip Care to the gum area as well as to your lips prior to whitening. This will create an additional barrier to protect the gums from any sensitivity.


How does the GLO Professional Take-Home Kit work?

The GLO Professional At Home Kit uses patented GLO heat & light technology inside the mouthpiece, combined with specially formulated 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. The whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth. When the mouthpiece is inserted, it traps the whitening oxygens against the teeth so they can't escape and then gently warms them to the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening action.

Do I brush my teeth before I GLO?

Yes, it is recommended that you brush and floss your teeth before using GLO. Routine dental check-ups from your favorite dentist are recommended for healthy maintenance of your teeth and gums.

How do I apply the GLO Vial Whitening gel?

Squeeze a small bead of gel (roughly 1/2 pea size amount) onto the brush tip applicator. Brush a thin layer on top and bottom teeth, fronts only.

Do I complete all 4 applications in one sitting, or can I do one in the morning and then the others later in the night?

For best results, we recommend completing four consecutive applications, one after the other. Completing the applications separately throughout the day will make it take more time to achieve the desired results.


Is the GLO Mouthpiece that is used for the in-office treatment the same as the one included in the Take Home Kit for the patient to use at Home?

The heat & light technology inside both mouthpieces is identical but the mouthpiece used for the in-office treatment has a blue cord and can be sterilized in the autoclave. The mouthpiece included in the Take Home Kit has a white cord and is designed for use by one patient only. It can be cleaned in between uses by rinsing under warm water but should not be shared among multiple people.

How does the heat and light in the mouthpiece work?

Light and heat in the closed system mouthpiece accelerates the reaction rate of the whitening gel, producing more whitening oxygens over a shorter period of time. This accelerated whitening keeps wear times short, at 8 minutes passes, with less chance of any sensitivity.

Will the light from the GLO Mouthpiece or GLO Control affect my skin?

No, there is no UV light in our products. The blue light in the GLO mouthpiece is safe, 470nm wavelength blue LED light.

Can the GLO Mouthpiece get too hot?

No, the GLO mouthpiece is controlled to gently warm to the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity. It never exceeds this gentle, optimal warm temperature.

Is the GLO Mouthpiece latex free?

Yes, the GLO mouthpiece is latex free.

Do I bite down on the mouthpiece while it is in my mouth?

Bite down gently so the mouthpiece stays in place, but don't clench. Let your lips and jaw relax. Light pressure on the platform between the teeth will ensure that the light and heat is surrounding the teeth, and the G.L.O. technology is working. Swallow as you normally do while whitening.

Can I swallow while the mouthpiece is in my mouth?

Yes, swallow as you normally would while the mouthpiece is in your mouth.

How do I clean the GLO mouthpiece?

Your regular GLO mouthpiece with the white cord is designed to be rinsed under water after use and allowed to dry. For the autoclavable mouthpiece used for in-office whitening, follow the instructions found here.


How many applications can I get with the GLO Control before I need to charge it again?

1 band of light = one 8 minute application

2 bands lit = three 8 minute applications

3 bands lit = four to six 8 minute applications

Should I always keep my GLO Control charged?

Yes, it is best to keep your GLO Control charging when it is not in use so it is always ready to use for whitening or to demonstrate GLO for your patients.

Can I use the device while it’s charging?

No, there is a safety device built in which disables the device from working while being charged.

My GLO Control won't light up.

Your GLO Control will only light up while it is charging or when it is charged AND it is connected to the mouthpiece. If the Control doesn’t power the mouthpiece after charged - please see our GLO Troubleshooting Guide, and/or call us at 855.456.5976.

Is the GLO Control water resistant?

No. Your GLO mouthpiece is designed to rinse under water, but the GLO Control is like your cell phone and should not get wet.


How are GLO Vials different from other whitening gel delivery systems?

Hydrogen peroxide is inherently unstable and needs to be stored in a sealed environment to maintain potency. GLO Vials feature a patented, proprietary design that keeps the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel fresh and active without refrigeration. GLO Vials also have an easy-to-apply brush tip applicator that allows for easy targeting of the gel onto teeth, avoiding the lips and gums and preventing sensitivity. The gel is thick so it stays on the teeth where it is placed, rather than running all over the gums and soft tissue. Plus, GLO Vial whitening gel includes additional desensitizing ingredients.

How many whitening applications are in each GLO Vial?

Each GLO Vials contains more than enough whitening gel for 4 applications. Only a thin layer of gel (approximately 1/2 pea size amount) is needed for each application.

What is the concentration of the PRO GLO Vials?

10% hydrogen peroxide (which is equivalent to 30% carbamide peroxide but without the harmful breakdown byproducts).

How should I store GLO Vials?

GLO Vials feature a patented design that keeps the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel fresh and active without refrigeration. Store GLO Vials in any cool, dry place until ready for use. After opening, simply replace the cap and use the remaining gel within 7 days.

What is the shelf life of a GLO Vial?

GLO Vial whitening gel will remain fresh and active for 24 months when unopened. After opening a GLO Vial, the gel will stay fresh for 7 days (as long as you snap the cap back on after each use).


What causes tooth staining and discoloration?

Tooth color varies from person to person. We are all born with different variations of teeth color in the white to yellow spectrum. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to tooth staining than others. This is predetermined by genetics. Genetics play a major role in susceptibility to discoloration of teeth, but over time, your natural tooth color can become discolored due to external and internal factors.

How white can I get my teeth?

Some of it is up to you; some is up to Mother Nature. Your tooth enamel is a unique shade by birth. GLO will get your teeth as white and bright as they can be. If you want to go whiter after 5 days of use, continue on for another 5 days as long as you don't experience any sensitivity.

What is Dual Whitening?

The GLO Science Professional dual whitening regimen consists of one 32-minute in-office whitening session followed by patient take-home technology, offering a comfortable experience and giving patients the necessary contact time to further enhance their whitening results.

My teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products, can I use GLO™ Whitening?

Oral health expert and GLO founder Dr. Jonathan B Levine designed GLO to eliminate the problems of sensitivity. The whitening gel is alcohol and carbamide peroxide free, which commonly causes sensitivity and the drying of the gums. The contact time is only four, 8-minute applications - it’s fast so you are not bathing your teeth for a long period of time. The GLO Whitening Gel does not migrate onto gums and other soft tissue which also prevents sensitivity.

After whitening I’ve noticed white spots on my teeth. Is this normal?

These spots were on your teeth prior to your teeth whitening session but may have become more noticeable immediately after whitening. They are called hypo-calcification spots. These spots are normal and will fade over the next few days.

Will GLO work on bonded teeth, porcelain veneers, gold/silver caps, and dental implants?

Yes, GLO will remove stains to brighten porcelain veneers, bonded teeth, and implants (or any artificial tooth surface), returning them to their original color. No teeth whitening product will be able to change the original color of an unnatural tooth surface.

Can I use GLO Whitening if I am pregnant or nursing?

Products containing peroxides are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Keep your gums healthy by brushing and flossing along with regular check-ups from your favorite dentist and then you can whiten when you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe When Pregnant Or Nursing?

Will GLO Whitening work on tetracycline stains?

Yes, the GLO system will work on many tetracycline stains with a special treatment regimen. Please contact your GLO rep or email us at for more information.

Can I use the GLO system with braces?

The GLO mouthpiece is not designed for use with braces but you can use GLO Vials on their own to whiten and brighten your teeth while you have braces. Then, you can use the GLO device once your braces come off to complete your smile transformation.

If I experience sensitivity, what should I do?

If you experience sensitivity, apply GLO Lip Care to the affected area and check in with your dental professional to be sure your gums are healthy, and that you don't have any periodontal problems.

Can the GLO device be used overseas?

Yes, GLO has a universal voltage –you can use it around the world! You can also charge your GLO Control through your computer's USB port using the USB adapter cord included in your GLO kit.

Does GLO have a warranty?

Yes! GLO Science commits to the original retail purchaser that if any components of your GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Device fail within one year from the date of purchase, we will replace them. The warranty can be viewed here:

Is GLO FDA registered?

Yes, the GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Device is a class 1 medical device and has been registered with the FDA.


What Does GLO Teeth Whitening Before and After Look Like?

When GLO teeth whitening systems are used correctly, an individual’s teeth can brighten up to 12 shades whiter.

What Are the GLO Teeth Whitening Instructions?

At GLO Science, we offer both chairside and take-home whitening products to ensure your patients are getting the best teeth whitening results possible. We offer written chairside instructions and videos, as well as take-home whitening instructions, to ensure the process is being done right.

What Teeth Whitening Ingredients Does GLO Science Use?

One of the most effective teeth whitening ingredients we use at GLO Science is hydrogen peroxide, and when combined with the other ingredients in our products, your patients will see amazing results. It can be found in all of our GLO professional teeth whitening products, and it is an effective whitening ingredient because it has been proven safe and effective. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down cleanly into oxygen and water and removes a variety of compounds that discolor enamel.

Is it Possible to Use Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening With Braces?

For most people, using hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening with braces is safe and gets results.

In addition, if the individual’s teeth or gums are sensitive because of their braces, using hydrogen peroxide is beneficial. Not only can it ensure that the teeth whitening process is comfortable and effective, but it can also reduce inflammation caused by the braces and keep their mouth clean and healthy.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Expire?

At GLO Science, we use hydrogen peroxide in all of our formulations, and they have a self-life of up to two years when stored at room temperature and are sealed shut. After opening, it’s recommended that you use the product within seven days to ensure freshness and potency.

Does Teeth Whitening Gel Expire?

Yes, teeth whitening gel can expire. When using our whitening gel, it will stay fresh and active when sealed and stored at room temperature for up to two years from date of manufacture. After the whitening gel has been opened, it needs to be used within seven days.

What Strength Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening?

When it comes to the strength of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening, this will depend on a variety of factors, including age of the patient, the starting shade of their teeth, and if they are prone to sensitivity. In addition, hydrogen peroxide is three times stronger than carbamide peroxide at equal concentrations, so for best whitening results, using hydrogen peroxide is recommended.

At GLO Science, we offer a variety of teeth whitening gels in various strengths to accommodate all of your patients’ needs. Our at-home products contain 6% and 10% hydrogen peroxide, and our in-office treatments have 24% and 30% hydrogen peroxide.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Teeth whitening is not supposed to be a painful process, and at GLO Science, our products are specially formulated to be sensitivity free. We use warming heat acceleration, which means that less wear time is needed to get brighter teeth. In addition, our whitening gel sticks to teeth and won’t run onto soft tissue.

We also use ingredients such as potassium nitrate to prevent sensitivity, as well as a closed system to prevent teeth from becoming dehydrated, which can make them more prone to sensitivity and pain.

What to Do For Pain After Teeth Whitening

If an individual experiences discomfort after teeth whitening, recommending or prescribing a toothpaste for sensitivity could help with this problem. You might also recommend that they use an over-the-counter analgesic, such as Orajel, to help with tooth pain.

Is Teeth Whitening During Pregnancy Safe?

You may have patients asking: Can I whiten teeth while pregnant? It is recommended that the patient speak with their doctor to determine if teeth whitening is safe for them while they are pregnant.

Does Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Many insurance companies consider teeth whitening to be a cosmetic procedure, so they will not cover the treatment.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Enamel?

Our products at GLO science have been designed with enamel safety in mind. Using our teeth whitening products as instructed is advised, as this ensures the best results for your patients. With other products, there is a chance for enamel damage and side effects, but they can be reduced or avoided by using the right products.

What Is the Best Teeth Whitening Gel for Trays?

The best teeth whitening gel for trays is one that contains hydrogen peroxide. At GLO Science Pro, we developed our formula with patient needs in mind and have created a gel that is effective for a wide variety of individuals. Our mouthpiece is more comfortable and easier to use than standard trays as well.