Making the Right Teeth Whitening Choice

Making the Right Teeth Whitening Choice

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device vs. Zoom! In-Office Professional Whitening

The Objective is to determine the efficacy of GLO Brilliant At-Home Teeth Whitening device and to compare its efficacy to Zoom professional in-office whitening treatment.


This was a randomized, parallel group, single center, examiner-blinded clinical trial of subjects with Vita Shade Guide tooth shade of A2 or greater. The primary clinical endpoint is a change in tooth shade measured by Vita Shade Guide. The subjects (n=29) were randomly assigned to one of the following treatments:

1. G.L.O Brilliant Whitening System - Four sessions per day for five days

  • Whitening gel placed on teeth, followed by an 8 minute cycle with mouthpiece device
  • Repeated four times with new gel applied each time

2. Zoom! Professional In-Office Whitening - Four 15-minute sessions

Safety and efficacy measurements were obtained at baseline, time of whitening, Day 3, Day 5 and Day 7. Shade stability was measured at Day 15 and Day 30.

The measurements were as follows:

  • Safety measurement:
    • Sensitivity Questionnaire
    • Oral Status Interview
    • Oral Examination
    • Adverse Events Evaluation
  • Efficacy measurement: Vita Shade Guide


The study showed that the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device used at home over the course of 5 days has the same efficacy as Zoom Professional In-Office Whitening Treatment.

30% of Zoom patients experienced pain and sensitivity, with 30% of these cases experiencing severe to extreme pain ranging from 7-10. This was rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest severity. 0% of GLO patients experienced severe to extreme pain.

For GLO Whitening, teeth are not dehydrated and the user owns their device, so the rebound from the whitening shade is not observed for this treatment – the device is used as a maintenance regimen in-between whitening sessions. Therefore, GLO goes beyond professional whitening and offers patients longer-term whitening stability.

Clinical Study performed by: Dr. Sushma Nachnani, University Health Resources

@Copyright 2021. GLO Science, Inc.


Please click here to download the clinical study.


Making the Right Teeth Whitening Choice

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