Did you know that teeth whitening is one of the most requested dental treatments? Sparkly, white teeth are not just for movie stars anymore. It’s a simple process that gives enormous satisfaction to just about anyone. GLO Science teeth whitening offers more than beauty -- it’s trust, health, self-confidence, and a way to grow your business. As a dental professional, you’re vital to improving health and increasing happiness. GLO Science Professional could be just the ticket!

Happiness starts with good health. We all know that even waking up with bad breath can make you feel yucky. Freshly brushed teeth are the first step to starting your day on the right foot, especially when you add ECO Balance gum health treatment. So, when it comes to being happy, getting patients to think of teeth whitening as an essential treatment is easy. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower, teeth whitening offers a significant emotional boost.

The Gateway Treatment 

Do you know what else whitening does? It’s a gateway treatment because the results often make patients more compliant when additional treatments are recommended. Whitening consultations bring patients to the office who might otherwise not come, which in turn can lead to the detection of other oral health issues such as cavities or loose caps, which might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Plus, teeth whitening treatments increase overall practice revenue, help provide team incentives, and offset other operational costs. This ripple effect will only lead to better oral health patients and, of course, happiness for all.

When They’re Happy, You’re Happy

Let’s talk about happiness some more because we could all use it. Teeth whitening is “the first-line choice of non-invasive dental treatment,” according to a recent article in dentaleconomics.com. “In-office whitening gives clinicians a treatment option to appease the immediate desires of patients while not requiring immense amounts of time and energy from doctors.” And when patients can see results from using GLO quickly, you have built trust that will continue to grow your business. 

  • GLO technology is FAST! With less sensitivity and without dehydration due to a closed system design, you offer a better patient experience.
  • A GLO in-office whitening treatment takes less than ONE hour of chair time.
  • GLO Take-Home whitening features award-winning technology in a universally-sized mouthpiece, requires NO chair time, and there's no need to spend additional time or money on molds and trays.
  • GLO helps your practice team meet production goals by allowing for ‘layered’ treatment options, meaning it can be done in-office in conjunction with a hygiene visit, or via take-home, with NO chair time required.
  • GLO lets your patients receive complete smile makeovers! A smile transformation isn’t complete until it’s white and bright.

Invest in Smiles

Offering GLO Science teeth whitening gives patients higher self-esteem and removes some negative feelings associated with visiting the dentist. When they understand that there’s little to no sensitivity from using GLO, patients will trust you with their smiles. And once they trust you, they’ll spread the word. As dentaleconomics.com says, “The patient recognizes the dental professional’s active work in achieving the successful outcome, and this perception adds value to the time spent in the chair. A happy and confident patient is one who will refer care to more friends and family.”

Whitening is a great marketing tool! It is very easily promoted on social media with photos/videos, and before-and-after pics make amazing testimonials. Dentists, hygienists, and patients all have fun showing off their pearly whites after using GLO. And we make it super easy for you to promote with marketing tools right at your fingertips here.

The Future is Bright

Dentistry, like many industries, is being challenged these days, but with GLO Science Professional, the future is bright. Practitioners need to stop thinking of teeth whitening as an elective aesthetic procedure and reframe it as an important treatment that is essential to continued success and happiness. Click here to see what other dental practitioners are saying about GLO Science Professional.


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