Like most dentists, you opened a dental practice to provide the best oral care for your patients. Healthy teeth and gums, top-notch procedures, and patient education are all at the top of your priority list. The patients you have are loyal, the staff is professional, and the online ratings are wonderful.

Why would you offer whitening services? After all, the health of your patients is the priority, not making them look pretty. Cosmetics are not a concern for your practice.

But what if we told you that offering professional whitening services would be a huge game changer for your patients and for your business. It has nothing to do with selling something you don’t believe in just to make money -- professional whitening services can change the lives and the health of your patients in ways you never thought possible.

-Office Experience– Let’s face it, most people don’t like going to the dentist (so hard to believe, right?). What if you could offer a service that patients were coming in for voluntarily and were actually excited about? Well, that’s what whitening does! It replaces negative connotations about dental visits with positive experiences. Patients arrive willingly and leave with an even bigger smile (and a whiter one, too!).

-Self-Esteem– All doctors would agree that the mental health of patients is just as important as their physical health. That’s why so many dentists are offering pain-free sedation to patients with dental anxiety. Most people don’t think of turning to their dentist to help them feel better mentally, but they should! When you leave the dentist with a whiter smile, you automatically feel better about yourself -- it boosts your self-esteem. Giving people a sense of confidence and pride is serious business and greatly improves overall mental health.

-Better Home Care– It’s a fact that whitening patients are your best dental patients who take better care of their teeth at home. These patients are more likely to stay on top of regular dental visits and go through the necessary steps to take better care of their bright pearly whites.

-Safer Whitening– All dentists have seen the consequences when patients don’t use safe at-home whitening products. We also know that the safest and most effective whitening procedures are the ones that are done in a dentist’s chair or that are supervised by a dental professional using products they have vetted. Offering professional whitening options not only educates patients to make smarter decisions, but it also makes those high quality products readily available for your patients to use in the office and at home.

-Referrals– What better advertising for your dental practice than patients walking around with bright, white, beautiful smiles! When your teeth look amazing and you smile readily, people take notice and ask who your dentist is. You can thank them as more and more patients come into your office for all of their dental procedures.

Professional whitening services are so much more than just making people look pretty. Having the ability to offer a positive dental experience and boost confidence in patients is truly life changing for them and for you! And like we said, whitening patients are your best dental patients. You’ll see the difference in your practice!


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