With a bright new year ahead of us, we are able to better appreciate how 2020 had us all reflecting on what’s truly important – both personally or professionally. At GLO Science Pro, we want you to know that what keeps our team going is the real passion we all share for improving the teeth whitening industry and overall oral care.

GLO Science was founded on the idea that ALL people are worthy of a reason to smile. Our mission is simple: provide revolutionary whitening products that also improve overall health and wellness. Why? Because we love to see you smile.

The Evolution of GLO

Developed by Jonathan and Stacey Levine, GLO Science evolved from a desire to help practices and elevate the patient experience by combining the best in professional and consumer whitening. Dr. Levine, a renowned dentist and prosthodontist, knew that patients wanted a whiter smile but didn’t like the methods available. With that in mind, guided light optics (GLO)was born. This technology allows a gentle warming light in an intra-oral mouthpiece to maximize whitening results with less chair time and no sensitivity. Dental practitioners save time and have a whitening option they can feel good about offering to patients.

As a top whitening choice of dentists and dental hygienists, we have been delighted to see how GLO has improved efficacy in practices who have also been able to connect better with the communities they serve with a more “patient-centered” approach. GLO is committed to empowering people to smile, and we continue listening and staying focused on the best innovation in order to make this possible.

GLO Gives Back

GLO’s mission doesn’t stop in the office chair. We believe that access to care and a healthy mouth are crucial to one’s well-being. From this philosophy, the GLO Good Foundation was launched. Since 2015, our volunteers have provided free dental and medical care to deserving communities in the Bahamas. 

Oral health education remains our top priority. We not only treat patients but support the development of lifelong habits to prevent dental disease. GLO Good has partnered with Twice Toothpaste and Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation to support this endeavor.

Thinking “Twice” about Toothpaste

All toothpaste is created equal, right? Not quite. After a 2015 GLO Good mission, brothers Julian and Cody Levine, along with singer/songwriter Lenny Kravitz, were inspired to make a difference in the way people take care of their teeth. Their goal? To create a product that made people feel as beautiful on the inside as they did on the outside. 

Twice Toothpaste is not only a reminder to brush teeth twice daily, but it’s also a reminder that all people are deserving of oral care. With 10% of proceeds supporting the GLO Good Foundation, we like to think that Twice Toothpaste is also the nicest toothpaste there is.

“The power of a smile is to transfer good feelings to someone else.”

In a year that has proven to be physically and mentally challenging, smiling has proven crucial to our well-being. We want people to smile more, and we know that if their teeth are healthy, they will. 

GLO Science Pro, the GLO Good Foundation, and Twice Toothpaste continue to inspire better whitening technology, better oral health care, and more smiles for everyone.

Ready to help us share the transformative power of a smile as a GLO practice this year?  Click HERE to learn more and see how easy it is to start a successful whitening program in your practice with the GLO Success Starter Set, designed specifically to help promote practice growth.

We look forward to a healthy and happy 2021 with you. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our GLO family.


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