The practice of taking better care of ourselves has become paramount, particularly on the heels of a year that many found to be challenging, to say the least. People are looking ahead and feeling eager, maybe even a little anxious, about how to approach their own post-pandemic comeback, but what this looks like varies from person-to-person. Yet, a universal truth remains – proper self-care leads to improved mental and physical health. Luckily, there are more options than ever to improve your wellness from the comfort of home.

What does this mean for the dental industry, and how can you incorporate self-care discussions into appointments and at-home regimens? With limitations on face-to-face time, it’s a delicate balance of prioritizing patient wants and needs, leading to results you’ll both be happy with.

As experts in your field, you have the power to improve more than just smiles. Here are a few topics worth sharing with patients during these unique circumstances, or any time!

Tools of the Trade

Be their guide. A self-care routine is only as good as the products one invests in. While we all miss the days we could spend wandering stores, safety protocols have led to a considerable uptick in purchasing things sight unseen. Consider the lack of pertinent information patients have regarding oral health items. Here is an opportunity to connect with your patients and educate them on tools that work. Sharing your top picks keeps lines of communication open even if you’re not seeing them as frequently in your chair. It may also remind them that they’re due for a cleaning they’ve been putting off! You can even incentivize them by offering a 3-pack of GLO Vials to try at their next appointment.

Boosting Confidence 

It’s easy to be consumed by all the things we can’t do right now, but what about the things we can? There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from making improvements on one’s self at home. Perhaps this explains the rise in popularity of teeth whitening? Often referred to as a gateway treatment, patients who whiten professionally are also more likely to be more accepting when additional dental treatments are recommended. A beautiful, healthy smile is a confidence and self-esteem booster, and much needed at a time when we are all scrutinizing ourselves more often through a computer screen. Be sure to let patients know you offer GLO professional teeth whitening with our easy-to-use marketing tools, and remind them they can purchase GLO Science Pro Take-Home Kits directly from you for home use.

Health and Hygiene

Why not use this time to also share some general wellness advice with patients? Let them know that keeping bacteria out of the mouth helps prevent cardiovascular and digestive issues, and that people who take care of their teeth and gums tend to be healthier overall. Tips for staying hydrated, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep will encourage patients to take better care of themselves – and hopefully better care of their teeth. Being a trusted source of information helps strengthen the doctor/patient relationship, benefitting everyone in the long run.

COVID-19 has had a profound, lasting impact on self-care. The rituals and products we rely on to improve our overall wellbeing and feel happy and empowered are vital, as is your role in helping patients stay healthy. After all, there is nothing that beats how uplifting it feels to share a beautiful, genuine smile – even if it’s only from the comfort of our own homes for now.


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