GLO Teeth Whitening Starter Kit

The end of the year is fast approaching, and it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a complicated one. GLO Science recognizes the challenges many practices are facing and is excited to help you easily start a GLO whitening services in your practice and simplify marketing your teeth whitening services with the GLO Whitening Success Starter Set.

The Whitening Success Starter Set is a turnkey solution designed to provide your practice with everything it needs to get started with GLO products quickly and seamlessly. 

In office and at home GLO products for 4 patients plus user-friendly training materials, patient marketing materials, and GLO technology can now be purchased in one convenient package at a special promotional price, including $500 worth of free goods!

The Starter Set Includes: 

  • Patented GLO Heat  & Light Technology with autoclavable mouthpiece
  • 5 In Office Patient Kits (1 for team member training patient + your first 4 GLO Whitening patients)
  • 4 At Home Teeth Whitening Device Kits 
  • Step by Step Guide to In Office Whitening
  • Quickstart Marketing Toolkit featuring:
    •  GLO Light Up Display (aka patient conversation starter)
    • GLO Whitening Easel signage
    • Motivational Shade Assessment Kit to assess shade change and motivate patients to consider whitening and other aesthetic services

In addition to physical materials, GLO also provides information to train your staff and clear instructions and support to help ensure your program’s success for both in-office and at-home teeth whitening.

Visit for more information (including video) on the Starter Set, free marketing and training materials, and the ability to have a live chat with a GLO Science representative 24/7.

Need more information? GLO also offers online courses for more in-depth training on GLO Chairside teeth whitening and Motivational Shade Assessment at 

The goal… to make it as easy as possible for you and your patients to experience why GLO Science provides the ultimate comprehensive (and comfortable!) professional teeth whitening experience. 

And while it is essential for dental professionals to understand the details behind GLO technology, patients may need a more concise explanation of benefits, aka the CliffsNotes! Be sure to engage in chairside conversation to discuss the top 5 features of GLO Science Professional Whitening:

  • Pain-Free
  • Cost-Effective – no custom whitening trays or lab fees
  • Convenient – in-office and take-home treatment options
  • Saves Time- 1/3 the chair time of competitors & less than one hour for in-office treatments
  • Provides Measurable Results – up to 12 shades whiter!


Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday hustle is already upon us (deep breath!). 

Investing in the GLO Whitening Success Starter Kit saves money versus buying the individual components separately. Adding GLO whitening to your practice is also an easy way to increase year-end revenue by capitalizing on patients who are looking for the best teeth whitening to pair a dazzling new smile with their favorite outfit at the Thanksgiving table or holiday gathering (even if it takes place on video this year!). 

Whitening also makes an excellent gift for friends and family.

But patients are not the only ones who benefit. In addition to boosting revenue, GLO products increase profit margin by saving on chair time and encouraging follow-up appointments and additional aesthetic procedures. Patients who see the boost they get from a whiter, brighter smile are more likely to take better care of their teeth and pursue more dental services.

For those who are not quite ready to pull the trigger in time for the holiday season, engaging in motivational teeth whiting conversations and utilizing the Motivational Shade Assessment Kit are the first step to inspire patients to consider GLO teeth whitening as part of their self- improvement journey in the New Year. 

CHEERS to 2021, giving us all more reasons to smile!

To learn more about bringing GLO Science Professional into our dental practice, please click here to request that a GLO Rep contact you.


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