Whole body health and wellness begins with gum & oral health

Mayo Clinic research confirms:

🩺 Gum disease is associate with increased risk of heart disease

🦠 Oral bacteria and inflammation may contribute to certain diseases like endocarditis and pneumonia

🚼 Periodontitis has been linked to premature birth and low birth weight

Addressing the Oral Health Crisis & Gum Disease

Patient Gum Health Needs A Boost

We all know that twice annual or even quarterly visits to the dentist can only do so much when it comes to our patients' oral health. Homecare routines and compliance are essential and this is where so many patients fall short.

Awarded Gum Health Product

ECO Balance is a non-antibiotic deep oral & Gum cleanser and health booster that is layered on top of toothpaste.

The only formulation of its kind, ECO Balance is designed for long term, twice daily, ongoing use - as part of a patients' existing everyday oral care routines.


Clinically Proven To Improve Oral Health

8X better at reducing inflammation than brushing & flossing alone

Statistically significant improvements in all soft tissue measurements (BOP, PD, GI, PI)

Statistically significant reductions in perio-pathogenic bacteria

Statistically significant reductions in inflammatory cytokines

Outperforms the at home standard of care in controlling plaque and inflammation

Improves oral health by reducing gingival inflammation at the local site in addition to better aesthetic outcomes.

Efficacy of a novel post-foaming dental gel on gingival inflammation: A randomized controlled clinical trial (Journal of Periodontology, December 2020)


Created For Compliance

A product can be proven effective but it can't do much if patients won't use it.

ECO Balance is designed to boost patients’ regular brushing routines - making it easy to maintain good oral health at home.

Plus, its lasting breath freshening and gentle whitening benefits mean patients never want to brush without it!



Standard of Care

"I'm really excited about ECO Balance. There's finally a product on the market that I can see results with....ECO Balance is one of the most innovative products out there. It's not just for gingival health problems, it's also for patients who get a lot of decay...we're talking about changing the environment of the mouth. ECO Balance should be standard of care."

- Dr. Yooson Kim


This Stuff Really Works!

"I have never seen such resolution as I have with this product...I have seen complete resolution of periodontal pockets which was astonishing...Patients are happy. They are seeing resolution of their periodontal issues. Their gums stop bleeding, they stop having bad breath, their mouth feels fresh. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues."

- Dr. Elena Guk

Antibiotic-Free Foaming Gel

ECO Balance is the only oral care & gum health product that combines these high performance ingredients to achieve a whole mouth clean that makes you feel like you just had a dental cleaning!

Who Can Use ECO Balance?

Everyone can benefit from adding ECO Balance into their daily brushing routine, especially healthy patients who can use it to maintain their optimal oral health and those with any of the following conditions:

Learn More About Incorporating ECO Balance Into Your Practice

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Top 5 FAQs

ECO Balance is for everyone. Healthy patients can use it to maintain their optimal oral health while keeping their breath fresh and their teeth bright and white. Patients with oral health conditions can use it to help improve and restore their oral health. It is antibiotic free and designed for long term, everyday use.

ECO Balance should be layered on top of toothpaste for twice daily brushing. For patients with more serious oral health concerns, ECO Balance can also be used in the warming GLO mouthpiece for one 8-minute session each day.

Yes, ECO Balance is available in a TSA compliant 3.4 ounce can.

The clinical trial published in the Journal of Periodontology was conducted at The Forsyth Institute in Boston, MA.

Doctors and hygienists report that patients who use ECO Balance present with reduced inflammation, reduced bleeding, reduction or resolution of periodontal pockets, and overall improved oral health, including fresher breath and whiter teeth.