How it Works

ECO Balance: Healthy Teeth and Improved Oral Hygiene

In addition to our professional teeth whitening systems and teeth whitening products, we offer a selection of therapeutic products that are clinically proven to be 8X more effective than brushing and flossing alone. Our ECO Balance system was developed by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a practicing prosthodontist, educator and holder of over 27 patents in medical devices and oral care formulations. The unique formula in ECO Balance products raises your patients' oral PH to boost their oral hygiene, resulting in a healthier mouth and healthy teeth. ECO Balance helps fight inflammation of the gums and in the mouth, promoting lasting gum health,fresh breath, and a happy mouth.

ECO Balance Gum Health Treatment and Accelerator Device

Your dental practice stresses the importance of oral hygiene and healthy teeth. Give your patients the option to choose our professional therapeutic product, ECO Balance, available in wholesale ECO Balance Gum Health Treatment formulas to use on top of toothpaste for twice daily brushing, as well as with our ECO Balance Accelerator Device system. The Accelerator uses our patented universal mouthpiece design to deliver GLO gentle warming heat and blue LED light to accelerate the ECO foaming action. It also increases contact time to penetrate those hard-to-reach areas within the mouth.

ECO Balance Improves Gum Health

Encourage your patients to add ECO Balance to their oral hygiene routines. Our ECO Balance formulation is used twice a day on top of toothpaste to help improve gum health and promote healthy teeth and fresh breath. The added benefit of ECO Balance is that it not only maintains the pH in your patients' mouth, it whitens teeth, too! Have questions about how ECO Balance can benefit you or your patients' oral hygiene routine? We're here to support you and your dental practice. Give us a call at 855-745-6776 or email us at

Balances oral ph

Promotes a happy & healthy mouth

freshens breath

gently whitens teeth

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