GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Technology with Autoclavable Warming Mouthpiece

GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Technology allows you to provide fast, effective and pain-free in office teeth whitening treatments in your dental practice.

Patients get up to 12 shades whiter in only 16 minutes total treatment time – without sensitivity!

Instantly transform any treatment room into a whitening room, for a fraction of the cost and space of outdated whitening lamps.

GLO PRO POWER+ features:

  • 8X faster warming
  • 16 minutes total treatment time
  • 30 minutes total chair time (including prep)
  • No impressions, custom trays or lab fees
  • Compact, portable, lightweight design

Optimal comfort for patients. Easy & efficient for the practice team.

This is modern whitening made for PROs.


  • Autoclavable Illuminate Heat Mouthpiece & Case
  • Power Control with Built-in Timer
  • Portable Charging Base
  • Power Adapter & USB Cable
  • User Manual

*Use with GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Treatments (purchased separately) and GLO PRO POWER+ Additional Autoclavable Warming Mouthpieces (purchased separately)

No pre-warming required! Mouthpiece begins to warm immediately when device is powered on and maintains the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity between applications.

Short, 8-minute applications are automatically timed with visual and audible indicators when session is complete.

Get two for every treatment room so you will always be ready to provide a full whitening or touch-up treatment.

Taking up minimal counter space and easily portable, GLO PRO POWER+ features patented GLO illuminating heat acceleration technology inside a universally-sized, autoclavable warming mouthpiece. Designed for repeat use with multiple patients and tested to exceed 25 autoclave cycles of 18 minutes each at 134C. For best results, autoclave the mouthpiece alone, without other instruments inside the machine. Autoclaving with other instruments can lead to discoloration.


Teeth Whitening Machine

Best Professional Teeth Whitening Machine


*Use with GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Treatments (purchased separately)

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