GLO VITA Shade Guide Kit

ALL of your patients want whiter teeth - but most of them won't ask about it on their own. Integrating Motivational Shade Taking into every hygiene visit lets you help each patient discover their full smile potential, leading to happier patients who take better care of their teeth, seek out more dentistry, and refer more new patients.

To get started and to accurately measure shade improvement, each treatment room must be equipped with a Whitening Shade Guide, which differs from a Standard Shade Guide in that it is arranged from light to dark instead of by color tone.

We have partnered with VITA to develop the Whitening Shade Guide included in this kit so you can successfully incorporate Motivational Shade Taking into your practice, creating more aesthetically aware patients.

Each kit includes:
- 1 GLO VITA Motivational Whitening Shade Guide
- Pack of 50 Patient Shade Guide Cards
- "How to Take a Motivational Shade" Instructions and Training Video Link