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The GLO Science Professional Difference

GLO Science offers the only teeth whitening system with a warming mouthpiece for the fastest, longest-lasting results without sensitivity or pain. The patented combination of gentle warming heat and LED light in a closed system mouthpiece improves the efficacy of the whitening gel so patients can achieve the best teeth whitening results in half the time. Shop GLO Science Professional Starter Sets, wholesale teeth whitening kits and our patented replacement autoclavable universal mouthpieces. From wholesale supplies to light-up display products that will familiarize your patients with GLO Science Professional systems and products, we have what you need to set your practice up with this patented proven system that will brighten smiles and boost your patients' confidence. In-office (chairside) whitening technology is available, as are professional take home devices that are only available to your patients through your dental practice.

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Learn more about GLO Science Professional. Check out our resources online, including our GLO clinical studies and references as well as our GLO Science Professional domestic and international patents. You can also contact us through 24 hour live chat or email us at We're happy to answer your questions about GLO Science Professional wholesale teeth whitening starter kits. Developed by a practicing prosthodontist with over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, GLO Science Professional offers a wide range of kits, accessories and products that will get your dental practice started with this revolutionary system.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How To Make GLO Science Pro Your Wholesale Teeth Whitening Supplier

As the #1 teeth whitening brand, it's no wonder you want to use GLO products at your practice. For at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments, GLO has the perfect solution. As a registered dental practice, you can take advantage of GLO Science Professional teeth whitening kits wholesale. While there are other teeth whitening kit wholesale suppliers on the market, find out why GLO is #1. Read on to learn everything you need to know about purchasing GLO Science Professional products wholesale.
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Who Sells Wholesale Dental Teeth Whitening Kits?

GLO Science Professional is the best wholesale source of take-home teeth whitening kits and in-office teeth whitening kits. To experience a little bit of everything GLO has to offer, order the complete starter set. Included in the starter kit are: GLO In Office Technology with Autoclavable Mouthpiece (allows you to transform any room into a whitening room) In-office and at-home whitening treatments for 4 patients (+ 1 in office treatment for team member training) Step-by-step training guide featuring supplemental videos and courses Turnkey marketing tools The starter set is the fastest and easiest way to build your practice with GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening. After seeing the unbeatable results, you'll surely return to order more. Shop in-office and at-home whitening products online. To get started, simply visit GLO Science Professional and create an account. We recommend providing patients with in-office whitening treatments supplemented with at-home whitening treatments to prolong results.

Can I Become A Distributor For Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kits?

GLO Science Professional offers at-home teeth whitening kits for dental practices at wholesale prices. Take-home products are a great way to boost revenues for your practice. Of course, you'll want to make sure they deliver the results patients are looking for too. GLO Science Professional can help your practice generate more revenue while increasing customer satisfaction by delivering unparalleled results. For bulk orders, reach out to the GLO Science Professional Team to see how we can help!

What Makes Up A Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kit?

Similar to shopping retail, shopping wholesale can leave you overwhelmed with so many options. When narrowing down your options, it's not so much about what's in the kit (although the value is important); it's about the results the kit can deliver. You'll also want to consider any side effects the kit can cause. Patient safety is a top priority. GLO Science Professional offers a variety of wholesale teeth whitening kits that all include everything you'll need. To explore wholesale teeth whitening kits offered by GLO Science Professional, click here.

What Is The Average Price For Professional Teeth Whitening Kits In Bulk?

Ever heard the saying, "you get what you pay for?" When it comes to teeth whitening kits, you want to find a good value, but most importantly, you want to find products that deliver the best results and prioritize patient safety. The best teeth whitening kit is not the cheapest, and the same goes for in-office treatments. Generally, wholesale prices are lower than retail, but ultimately prices can vary depending on quality, quantity, and what's included in the kit. Be sure the kit includes everything you'll need and is of the highest quality..

Do I Need To Be A Registered Dental Office To Order Wholesale High Strength Teeth Whitening Kits?

Most companies that wholesale teeth whitening kits will want to validate that you're a legitimate practice. When you purchase products wholesale, you don't pay sales tax. Therefore, the wholesaler will need to confirm that you're a legitimate business. In addition, they will likely want to ensure their products are being represented properly. If you're buying wholesale kits for in-office treatments, the application process is essential for producing the best results. Some companies may have more restrictions than others when it comes to signing up to purchase wholesale, so be sure to check with the company of your choice.

Are All GLO Science Pro Products Listed At Wholesale Prices For Dentists?

GLO Science Professional offers wholesale prices for dentists. For custom bulk orders, we may be able to arrange special pricing for your practice. Our team of representatives can answer any questions about pricing, products, or anything else you need to know.

Why Do I Need To Register My Dental Business To Order Wholesale Teeth Whitening Products?

There are a few reasons you need to register your dental practice to qualify for wholesale pricing. When you purchase products at wholesale prices, the intention is typically to resell them or use them for a service that you sell. If you own a dental practice that wants to sell teeth whitening kits, you can purchase the kits at wholesale prices with no sales tax. The reason you don't pay sales tax is because the state holds you responsible for charging the consumer sales tax when you sell the product. This is one of the main reasons you'll need to be a registered dental business.

Some brands that offer wholesale teeth whitening products may vet the legitimacy of your practice. Since you're representing their brand, they want to ensure products are being marketed in accordance with their guidelines. In addition, if you're using products for in-office teeth whitening, they will want to ensure that you're delivering the best results possible and using products properly.

If you're representing yourself as a registered teeth whitening practice, that is exactly what you should be. Teeth whitening should only be done by certified dental practices. Registered dental practices that want to order GLO Science Professional teeth whitening products will need to create an account online. During the registration process, you will be asked for the dental license number, practice name, practice address, and so forth.

Do You Also Offer Home Teeth Whitening Kits At Wholesale?

Yes! GLO Science Professional offers at-home teeth whitening kits that you can retail to patients. To promote the sale of at-home kits, remind patients that maintenance is required to upkeep their bright white smile. The best way to maintain a bright white smile all the time is to get professional teeth whitening treatments 1-2 times per year in a dental practice. In addition, patients should also do monthly touch-up sessions at home using a teeth whitening device with a warming heat acceleration mouthpiece. Check out GLO's at-home teeth whitening products!

Is GLO Science Pro Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kit Gel Made In The USA?

Yes, GLO Science Pro teeth whitening gel is made in the USA. GLO delivers a safe teeth whitening experience for patients without any harsh side effects or sensitivity.

Is There A Difference Between GLO Science Pro Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kits And Consumer GLO Kits?

The brand behind teeth whitening kits makes all the difference. Glo Science Professional delivers products for certified dental practices. GLO Science Professional is the #1 professional teeth whitener. As a 4X Edison Award winner with 31 patents, GLO is proven to be the best. With in-office and at-home treatment options, patients can experience a pain-free and affordable teeth-whitening experience. In addition, results can deliver up to 12 shades brighter without dehydration or rebound. Created by the top aesthetic dentist in New York City, GLO is FDA-registered and dentist-approved. In 3 easy steps you can get your teeth professionally whitened and leave the dental office with no pain or sensitivity. . . that's a first. Our 3 step process includes: #1. Specially formulated whitening gel #2. Relaxing illuminating heat acceleration #3. GLO! Patients will receive unbeatable results in just 16 minutes of total treatment time. If you own a dental practice, you'll want to offer GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening.

Order GLO teeth whitening kits at wholesale prices. . . create an account today!

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