GLO Whitening Light Up Display - Classic

This unique illuminated display is a powerful marketing tool for your practice and your whitening business. It will invite conversation wherever it is placed. Patients will notice it and inquire about it – giving you and your team more opportunities to have conversations about whitening, book more whitening appointments, and have more satisfied and happy patients who are thrilled with their beautiful, white, dazzling smiles!

Your display features the Classic Pro White Teeth Whitening Device and a hold for GLO Science Professional Whitening Patient Brochure Cards (included).

Let your patients know that you offer GLO with this dazzling marketing tool featuring GLO technology!


Teeth Whitening Advertising

Teeth Whitening Table Display


Place light up display in any waiting room or treatment room to spark a Whitening conversation with your patients.

The estimated global teeth whitening market in 2022 was a whopping 7.2 billion dollars. So, how can your practice better market your teeth whitening business to capture some of this market share and increase profits this year? Simple, you just need some good teeth whitening marketing ideas. We are here to help, and in more ways than one!

Who Is The Target Market For Teeth Whitening?

According to research, the ideal target audience for teeth whitening is between 18 and 49 years old. A large percentage of this group will be females who are interested in wellness and beauty. By simply putting up the right in-office propaganda you can attract the attention of everyone who walks into your practice, including this large demographic. 

Is There A Demand For Teeth Whitening Business?

There is tremendous demand for teeth whitening businesses and that demand is projected to grow even larger in the coming years. In fact, by the year 2026 experts predict it will reach USD 8.6 billion. Not only could you help people achieve a brighter smile but you could brighten your profits, too!

How To Sell Whitening At A Dental Practice?

Wondering how to market your teeth whitening business? First and foremost, don’t wait for your patients to bring it up on their own. This is the most common mistake dental practices make when it comes to dentist marketing.  Here are some great marketing ideas for dentists looking to capture more of the teeth whitening market. 

  • Set Up A Display That Advertises Teeth Whitening 

Our in-office GLO Whitening Light Up Display begs attention and sparks conversation, working as an excellent (and basically free) teeth whitening marketing idea. Place it in each patient room and/or at the front desk, making sure any professional nearby is trained to sell the practice when someone asks about it. 

  • Launch Campaigns at the Right Times 

Patients are more likely to convert if you appeal to them at a time when they are actively seeking to better their appearance, let’s say before a wedding, during Prom season, or before major holiday seasons. 

  • Open Up the Floor for Discussion 

Get to know your patients better by asking them what is going on in their life. This can easily lead to a discussion on teeth whitening if they mention an important upcoming event or milestone. 

  • Focus on Affordability 

Teeth whitening is an affordable way to boost appearances. Did you know that 71% of women and 58% of men report noticing a potential partner’s teeth before anything else? It’s true. Teeth are the number one thing people are looking at and thankfully teeth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures a patient can undergo. 

  • Use Various Platforms to Market Teeth Whitening 

From Facebook to text messages, there are many platforms for dentist marketing nowadays. Use as many platforms as possible to communicate with your target audience focusing on the platforms they spend the most time on, which is often social media. Make sure to update your Instagram and Facebook with before and after photos of teeth whitening done in your office. 

Is Teeth Whitening A Good Business To Start?

Teeth whitening is a lucrative and simple way to expand on your business. For one, many of your existing patients will be interested in having their teeth whitened, allowing you to build on the profits generated from your existing clientele. Glo Science Professional makes it easy to add teeth whitening to your list of services. We make it easy with our Pro Power Wireless Teeth Whitening Device that can be used in any room of your practice without any large fancy equipment or setup. Thanks to the science behind our LED teeth whitening technology, patients only need to sit through two eight minute sessions at a time. 

What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Strategy?

The best teeth whitening strategy is one that: 

  • Provides quick and safe results 
  • Does not take up too much space in office 
  • Offers an affordable start up cost 

The GLO Pro Power+ In Office Teeth Whitening Technology with Autoclavable Warming Mouthpiece was created by a world renowned NYC dentist looking to shift the technology behind teeth whitening. As a result? You can boost the beauty and health of your patients’ smiles while increasing your profits with our advanced system. Patients can whiten teeth up to 12 shades in just 16 minutes. Thanks to new technology and a quick process, the risk of tooth sensitivity is reduced. 

In addition, GLO Pro Power+ is far more affordable than traditional whitening lamps, plus it takes up way less space in each room. As soon as your kit arrives, you can transform any treatment room into a whitening room! 

Does The FDA Approve Teeth Whitening?

All teeth whitening products used in dental offices are subject to FDA approval, including everything from the peroxide gel to LED lights. 

How Much Money Can I Make Doing Teeth Whitening?

In 2017, Americans spent over $1.4 billion on OTC teeth whitening products. WIth the right teeth whitening marketing ideas, you can capture patients looking to whiten their teeth. After all, in office teeth whitening is safer and more effective, benefits you are trusted to point at as a dentist.

By some estimates you can net up to 90% of costs in profits simply conducting teeth whitening. In fact, teeth whitening is one of the more affordable producers dentists offer that still netts generous profits.  The more creative you get with dentist marketing, the more patients you will draw in and the more money you will see come in from this channel.  

What Is The Market Size For A Teeth Whitening Business?

As previously mentioned, the market size for teeth whitening in 2022 was USD 7.2 billion. By the year 2030, this number is expected to jump to USD 10.6 billion. Don’t get left out of the profits! It’s so simple to add teeth whitening to your list of office services, and even easier to implement the best teeth whitening marketing ideas. 

What Is The Legal Limit For Peroxide Teeth Whitening Without A Dental License?

If a product releases or contains more than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide it cannot be sold to or used by anyone other than a licensed dentist. 

How Do I Start My Own Teeth Whitening Business?

Adding teeth whitening to your dental practice starts with finding the right product and system to use in your office. Look no further than GLO Science Professional. Our teeth whitening system is as easy to set up as it is to market. Plus, it offers an affordable start up cost and requires little to no set up in the office. It is portable, cordless and ready to go. Allowing you to easily transform any room in your dental practice into a teeth whitening room. 

Now all that’s left to do is find the best teeth whitening marketing ideas. And guess what? We provide in-office marketing supplies to help reach more people in your practice.  

What Should I Name My Teeth Whitening Company?

Trying to come up with a good name for your teeth whitening company? Stick to something that describes what you do in the title. For instance, Dr. Nygun’s Teeth Whitening. This makes it easier to advertise your service on the web, and it doesn’t beg any explanation. Many dentists will not name their teeth whitening department anything separate from their normal practice, as it is often assumed that all dental offices offer professional whitening services.



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