GLO Practice Testimonials

  • Dr. Elena Guk (Lemoyne, PA) - ECO Balance Review VIDEO!

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    "I have never seen such resolution as I have seen with this product....I have seen complete resolution of periodontal pockets...which was astonishing."

    Patients are happy. They are seeing resolution of their periodontal issues. Their gums stop bleeding, they stopped having bad breath, their mouth feels fresh."

  • Dr. Yooson Kim (Morgantown, PA) - GLO Pro Whitening & ECO Balance VIDEOS!

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    "The issues we were having with previous in-office whitening products in our office was mainly sensitivity...patients couldn't get through the whole treatment...." 

    "I'm really excited about ECO Balance. There's finally a product on the market that I see results with."

  • Dr. Zach Casagrande (Northern Virginia Orthodontics) - GLO Pro Whitening VIDEO!

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    "In our practice we always use the best of the best." 

    "Everyone who wants straight teeth, also wants white teeth. When patients come in and ask what else they can do to change the color of their teeth, the first thing we talk about is GLO."

    "We did the procedure and it worked really, really well. Way less sensitivity, if any sensitivity - 90% of our patients don't feel a thing."

  • Dr. Jason Gladwell (Raleigh & Wake Forest, NC) - GLO Pro Whitening VIDEO!

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    "Great for people on the go - lunchtime whitening"

    "Clinically proven to increase your shades"

    "Patented heat and light technology that increases the efficacy of the whitening"

    "You don't need to wait until the end of treatment to get your smile as white and as bright as you want to....There's no bad time to whiten your teeth."

  • Dr. Huda Aljonaidy (Ormond Beach, FL)

    "The amazing transformation of someone’s demeanor and smile is one of the many reasons why I love GLO. The best part about GLO is that it delivers all the sparkle without all the common side effects to whitening, like sensitivity. It is truly amazing how it affects patients' lives."
  • Dr. Tim Tiralosi (Lake Mary, FL)

    "We love GLO at our office. It is so convenient to use for both the office and the patient. We have been getting excellent results. The bleaching process being in a closed environment using the mouthpiece has reduced sensitivity to almost nothing."
  • Dr. Jamie Epperson (Graham, TX)

    "Let it GLO!!!  My favorite thing about GLO is that it works!  The other best thing about it is that you can do it almost any time and anywhere- even while shoveling snow!"
  • Dr. Jose R. Abadin (Coral Gables, FL)

    "Our patients are impressed by the ease and comfort of the In-Office Treatment, and the convenience and high-tech design of the Take Home Kit. Even patients who have been sensitive to whitening in the past have been able to tolerate GLO with little to no sensitivity. The GLO team offers eye-catching marketing materials for self-promotion as well as excellent customer service!"
  • Dr. Anna Schultz (Newman, GA)

    "We love GLO because...
    1. Our patients have NO sensitivity!
    2. The results are DAZZLING!
    3. The kit is EASY and FUN to use!"
  • Dr. Dayna Cassandra (Paramus, NJ)

    "Love GLO!!!! I've tried many other whitening products and experienced sensitivity, but I haven't had any sensitivity with my GLO! Super easy, tastes great, and the results are remarkable. I've used the product since it first came out and I still love it to this day. You're never fully dressed without a GLOing smile!"
  • Dr. Kent Tuttle (Phoenix, AZ)

    "When it comes to professional teeth whitening, both dentists and patients have been in need of a system that is all things: fast, affordable, painless and effective.
    GLO Science Professional delivers all of these things in one eye-catching package. It’s what we’ve been waiting for."