Texas Certification Training Courses

Gain valuable clinical skills and practice building expertise with GLO training courses and videos. Everyone on your team should be familiar with how to use GLO and how to position whitening in your practice. GLO courses make it easy!

GLO In Office Texas Whitening Certification

Length: approximately 1 hour

Description: The complete GLO Chairside Certification Course, including everything you need to know to deliver a GLO Chairside Whitening treatment in your practice, plus helpful tips and tricks to keep you and your patients smiling!

This course includes:

1. Supplies: what you will need
2. Isolation: how to place the gingival barrier
3. Whitening Application: how to apply the whitening gel
4. Mouthpiece Insertion: how to insert and activate the GLO mouthpiece
5. The Big Reveal: removing the gingival barrier and sharing the smile transformation
6. Post Care: instructions for your patient after whitening

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff — everyone should know how to GLO!

Texas Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course

Length: approximately 30 minutes

Description: Incorporating this simple 30 second technique into every hygiene visit is the best way to build awareness of tooth shade and whitening potential with your patients. This course explains how to do it and why it should be part of every hygiene appointment.

This course includes:

1. Why motivational shade taking is important
2. How to take a motivational shade
3. How to start the whitening conversation and introduce GLO
4. Tips and recommendations for taking Before & After pictures
5. How introducing teeth whitening works as an entry point to aesthetic dentistry

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff

Texas Teeth Whitening Training Videos For Dentists & Technicians

Texas In Office Whitening Detailed Step By Step

Texas In Office Whitening Quick Start

Texas Shade Assessment Detailed Step by Step

Texas Shade Assessment Quick Start

Clinical Whitening In Texas: Guides & Documents

Texas In Office Whitening Detailed Step By Step

Clinical Protocols & Tips

User Manuals

Sample Patient Clinical Forms

Clinical Studies & White Papers

SDS Sheets

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Texas Teeth Whitening Certification Classes and Information Online

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Welcome to the GLO Learning Center, where you'll find teeth whitening classes and videos online. Check out this page for a wide variety of practice-building tools, blogs and other information that will get you started with professional GLO Science Pro teeth whitening products and the GLO Science Pro teeth whitening system, all which are patented and clinically proven to whiten teeth.

GLO Science Pro Teeth Whitening Certification Online

You'll find many different GLO training videos and GLO training courses to familiarize you and your team with the various GLO Science Pro products. Here is where you'll find our GLO Science Pro teeth whitening certification in the GLO Chairside Certification Course, the Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course, the GLO Chairside Whitening Training Video and more — including an in-depth look at GLO device technology, GLO Vial technology and other informative looks into the GLO Science professional teeth whitening products and accessories. Stop back often for updates and new products, developed by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a practicing prosthodontist, innovator, educator and author.

Teeth Whitening Tutorials Online

Check out our videos and teeth whitening tutorials online to gain valuable skills, build expertise and learn how you can incorporate GLO Science Pro into your practice's healthy teeth and healthy gum education system. We're here for you! Have questions about our teeth whitening systems, products or are you looking for specific teeth whitening classes? Give us a call at 855-745-6776. We're here to help and support your practice!

Frequently Ask Questions

Are you looking to obtain teeth whitening certification in Texas? There is no need to pay for a costly course. GLO Pro offers Free Texas Teeth Whitening Certification. Our courses make it easy for anyone in your office to become comfortable, confident, and proficient at using the GLO teeth whitening system. Plus, the training courses and videos are all easy to access online, on your time.

While teeth whitening businesses are less regulated in the state of Texas when compared to other states such as California or Florida, GLO Pro still does sell to any practice unless there is a registered dentist on staff. We offer a retail version of our products available for purchase for practices without a registered dentist on staff.

How Do I Get Trained To Offer In-Office Teeth Whitening In Texas?

To offer teeth whitening services, you must be a licensed professional that operates or works in the dental field. Before worrying about training, you should first decide which treatment method and products you are going to use. GLO Science Professional is a leading teeth whitening brand that can train you and your employees on best practices. After all, the brand you use will be a partner, not just a supplier. By supporting each other, you can grow each of your businesses while satisfying customers. To access GLO Science Professional training courses, click here.

As A Dentist, Can I Take A Texas Teeth Whitening Certification Class Online?

The simple answer is yes, there are excellent teeth whitening certification courses available online. Although, any course advertised as teeth whitening training in Texas that charges money should be approached with caution. After all, each teeth whitening system works differently. Taking just any course will not necessarily prepare you to use a specific device or system to whiten your patients’ teeth. You can make better use of your time by learning how to use the exact system you will be using in your office.

Do You Have To Be Certified To Whiten Teeth In Texas?

In the state of Texas, a dental license is not needed to conduct in-office teeth whitening. Although, to purchase most professional teeth whitening systems, including GLO Pro, there must be a certified dentist working at the practice. This is to protect the health and wellbeing of patients. According to the Texas Board of Dental Examiners, they do not have control over these matters, and as a result there are unlicensed operators working in the State. Having a licensed and certified dentist on board can serve as a selling point that will make your business more reputable.

Can Anyone Do Teeth Whitening In Texas?

While there is some wiggle room regarding certification or licensing for teeth whitening in Texas, it is best carried out by a dentist, or dental professional working under the supervision of a licensed dentist. There are retail versions of teeth whitening kits with less intense solutions that can be safely used by non dental professionals.

Can Estheticians Do Teeth Whitening In Texas?

The simple answer is no, cosmetology statute does not allow estheticians to perform teeth whitening. Although, there are no state laws in Texas strictly prohibiting anyone from operating a teeth whitening business. Yet, according to the Texas Medical Board, only a licensed medical professional such as a dentist should perform teeth whitening services. Estheticians are trained to provide skin care treatments and facials, their role is cosmetic and not medical. In order to add medical services, special licensing and/or training is recommended, and will likely need to be obtained in order to purchase medical-grade teeth whitening products.

Can I Whiten Teeth As A Business In Texas If I Take A Course Online?

Due to the relaxed nature of Texas laws surrounding teeth whitening, you could technically take a course online and open a teeth whitening business. Yet, for the safety of patients, we stress the importance of whitening services being conducted by a professional and licensed dentist or a skilled dental professional working under the guidance of a dentist.

Is Starting A Texas Certified Teeth Whitening Business Worth It?

Teeth whitening remains a lucrative business as more people routinely seek out treatments to brighten their smile and improve appearances in a non-invasive manner. Adding teeth whitening to your line of services at a dental office can boost profits for a relatively low upfront investment. Our GLO teeth whitening program is easy to set up in any room of your practice. There are no bulky lights or obtrusive tools. Instead, our system offers everything you need in one convenient box. In just one 16 minute treatment, patients can see their teeth transform up to 12 shades whiter. Depending upon the patient, several treatments may be necessary to reach desired results. The key to providing stellar results that patients rave about starts with our free teeth whitening training certification.

Who Regulates Teeth Whitening In Texas?

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is in charge of protecting public health and safety, while enforcing the use of safe dental care practices. In order to accomplish this goal, they offer licensing, peer assistance, enforcement, and related information services to licensees and dental patients throughout Texas.

Is Teeth Whitening A Qualified Medical Expense In Texas?

The answer to this question may depend on the cause and severity of your dental issues. Teeth whitening conducted for purely cosmetic purposes is generally not eligible for reimbursement. This is especially the case if teeth whitening is performed to fix yellowing caused by aging. On the other hand, if tooth discoloration is related to a disease or deformity, injury or birth defect, it may qualify for reimbursement. In order to earn eligibility for compensation, you must present a letter of recommendation from a doctor stating an underlying medical condition and/or cause necessitating teeth whitening. Petitions are assessed on a case-by-case basis and reimbursement is never guaranteed.

Can Beauticians Do Teeth Whitening In Texas?

Similarly to estheticians, beauticians are not licensed to perform teeth whitening services. Generally speaking, professional whitening services should only be conducted by a registered dental professional. That being said, there are retail systems available that beauticians may offer for resale to their clients to be done in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Can You Get Teeth Whitening Training Online In Texas?

Yes, you can get teeth whitening training online in Texas. There are a number of options to choose from but ideally, you’ll want to seek out a course that pertains directly to the teeth whitening system you plan to use in your office. Learn more about GLO Pro’s Free Texas Teeth Whitening Certification to get started adding this profitable service to your dental practice.