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Learn valuable clinical skills and discover practical ways to position GLO within your practice. From streamlined workflows to patient education, GLO training empowers your team to deliver exceptional results.

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GLO In Office NYC Whitening Certification

Length: approximately 1 hour

Description: This comprehensive GLO Chairside Certification Course provides all the information you need to deliver effective treatments, along with valuable tips to ensure a smooth and successful whitening experience for your patients.

This course includes:

1. Supplies: what you will need
2. Isolation: how to place the gingival barrier
3. Whitening Application: how to apply the whitening gel
4. Mouthpiece Insertion: how to insert and activate the GLO mouthpiece
5. The Big Reveal: removing the gingival barrier and sharing the smile transformation
6. Post Care: instructions for your patient after whitening

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff — everyone should know how to GLO!

NYC Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course

Length: approximately 30 minutes

Description: Turn hygiene visits into opportunities. This course equips you with a simple 30-second strategy to integrate into your routine. Spark patient conversations about tooth shade and explore the whitening potential. Discover why it's a key element of every hygiene appointment.

This course includes:

1. Why motivational shade taking is important
2. How to take a motivational shade
3. How to start the whitening conversation and introduce GLO
4. Tips and recommendations for taking Before & After pictures
5. How introducing teeth whitening works as an entry point to aesthetic dentistry

Target Audience:

Dental Professionals and Practice Staff

NYC Teeth Whitening Training Videos For Dentists & Technicians

NYC In Office Whitening Detailed Step By Step

NYC In Office Whitening Quick Start

NYC Shade Assessment Detailed Step by Step

NYC Shade Assessment Quick Start

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NYC In Office Whitening Detailed Step By Step

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Welcome to the GLO Learning Center, where you'll find teeth whitening classes and videos online. Check out this page for a wide variety of practice-building tools, blogs and other information that will get you started with professional GLO Science Pro teeth whitening products and the GLO Science Pro teeth whitening system, all which are patented and clinically proven to whiten teeth.

GLO Science Pro Teeth Whitening Certification Online

You'll find many different GLO training videos and GLO training courses to familiarize you and your team with the various GLO Science Pro products. Here is where you'll find our GLO Science Pro teeth whitening certification in the GLO Chairside Certification Course, the Motivational Shade Assessment Certification Course, the GLO Chairside Whitening Training Video and more — including an in-depth look at GLO device technology, GLO Vial technology and other informative looks into the GLO Science professional teeth whitening products and accessories. Stop back often for updates and new products, developed by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a practicing prosthodontist, innovator, educator and author.

Teeth Whitening Tutorials Online

Check out our videos and teeth whitening tutorials online to gain valuable skills, build expertise and learn how you can incorporate GLO Science Pro into your practice's healthy teeth and healthy gum education system. We're here for you! Have questions about our teeth whitening systems, products or are you looking for specific teeth whitening classes? Give us a call at 855-745-6776. We're here to help and support your practice!

Frequently Ask Questions

While you and your NYC team may have mastered dentistry, teeth whitening may require additional training and certification. Most dental practices use a third-party teeth whitening product. To be the best dentist, hygienist, assistant you can be, you should take advantage of any teeth whitening classes, training, or certifications offered by the third-party company. Taking advantage of all the education you can get will help improve patient results while allowing you to provide treatment with more confidence. And after all, teeth whitening is all about confidence.

How Do I Get Trained To Offer In-Office Teeth Whitening In NYC?

To offer teeth whitening services, you must be a licensed professional that operates or works in the dental field. Before worrying about training, you should first decide which treatment method and products you are going to use.GLO Science Professionalis a leading teeth whitening brand that can train you and your employees on best practices. After all, the brand you use will be a partner, not just a supplier. By supporting each other, you can grow each of your businesses while satisfying customers. To access GLO Science Professional training courses, click here.