Teeth Whitening Aftercare Instructions

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Congratulations! You’ve just given your patients the confident smile they’ve always wanted. But the journey to a brighter smile doesn’t end with the last application of the whitening treatment. This sparkling smile won’t last forever, especially if they maintain their old habits. That’s why proper after teeth whitening instructions are crucial for maximizing results, minimizing sensitivity, and ensuring long-lasting whiteness.  

This blog is your quick guide to help you equip your patients with the knowledge they need to maintain their dazzling new smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening Aftercare Instructions

Following an in-office whitening session, the acquired pellicle on the teeth is chemically dissolved. That’s why your patients' teeth may be a bit more susceptible to staining and sensitivity. Here's what to advise them on: 

  • Diet: For the first 48 hours, advise them to stick to a "white diet" of light-colored foods like chicken, fish, rice, and pasta. Patients should avoid chromogenic (staining) foods and drinks. This includes coffee, tea, red wine, berries, soy sauce, and curries. Citrus fruits and acidic foods can also be problematic, as teeth are temporarily more porous after whitening.
  • Sensitivity: While GLO whitening is safe for sensitive teeth, some patients may experience temporary tooth sensitivity after whitening, especially to hot or cold beverages. Reassure your patients that this usually subsides within 1-3 days. You may also recommend switching to a desensitizing toothpaste or prescribing a mild OTC analgesic.

 To minimize the sensitivity before treatment:

  • Make certain that the gingival barrier application has been made correctly, covering all areas of recession, abfraction, and incisal edge wear.
  • Use 24% hydrogen peroxide formula to whiten teeth for younger patients (under age 21) and those who are prone to sensitivity.
  • Complete only 2-3 eight-minute passes, rather than the full 4.
  • Smoking: Smoking not only stains teeth but can also irritate gums after whitening. Encourage patients to avoid smoking for at least 48 hours, and ideally, to quit altogether.
  • Maintaining the Results: Regular brushing and flossing with fluoride toothpaste remain essential for maintaining a white smile. But be aware of dark-colored toothpaste in the first 48 hours as it can hinder their whitening results. Moreover, for long-lasting results, discuss the possibility of at-home touch-up treatments.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Instructions for Patients

Regular at-home whitening treatments can help maintain results. Similar to professional whitening treatments, patients should be advised to follow the same after teeth whitening instructions in the first critical hours.

In addition, advise them to brush before the first application to ensure a clean surface for the gel to adhere to. Depending on sensitivity levels, patients can opt for standard or sensitive treatment options:

Standard Take-Home Treatment

  • To ensure long-lasting and maximized results, patients should complete four, 8-minute at-home whitening applications per day for five consecutive days following the initial in-office treatment.
  • For ongoing maintenance until their next hygiene visit, patients can switch to a monthly regimen of four consecutive, 8-minute at-home whitening applications once per month. 
  • During their regular hygiene visits, we recommend completing two or three 8-minute in-office whitening applications using 30% hydrogen peroxide gel to maintain their brilliant smile further.

Sensitivity-Prone Patients and Those Under 21 Years of Age

  • To achieve a lasting, bright smile following the initial in-office treatment, patients can perform only two, 8-minute at-home whitening applications daily for five consecutive days. 
  • For ongoing maintenance, patients can whiten once a month using one GLO Vial to complete four consecutive, 8-minute applications. 
  • During regular hygiene appointments, we recommend doing two or three 8-minute in-office whitening applications with 24% hydrogen peroxide gel.

A little guidance goes a long way in ensuring patient satisfaction and long-lasting results. By providing clear and detailed after teeth whitening instructions, you empower patients to maintain their bright smiles and maximize the results of their teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth Whitening Aftercare Instructions

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