What Is the Best Professional Teeth Whitening System?

Best Professional Teeth Whitening System

A beautiful smile is always in style, so it’s no wonder dental practices everywhere continue to see a rise in demand for professional teeth whitening. Many cosmetic dentists cite it as their most highly requested procedure before milestones like weddings, proms, graduations, and reunions. According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, virtually all adults (99.7%) believe a smile is an important social asset. Because let’s face it— no expensive outfit or incredible hairstyle can cover up a lackluster smile.

With so much emphasis placed on the appeal of a beautiful, healthy smile, how can one choose which whitening system is truly the best and lives up to the promises it offers?

Teeth Whitening Used in Dental Offices Through Out The USA

Teeth whitening is a convenient and effective way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile. Many consumers opt for at-home whitening for their reduced cost, however, the best results can only be achieved through a dental practice. In the office, dentists can first evaluate the overall oral health of the patient, then decide on the most effective course of action. More advanced technology and more concentrated whitening formulas mean teeth will whiten faster (and safer) under the care of a professional. The outcome of a professional teeth whitening session is usually far superior to anything that can be purchased over the counter.

Here are more commonly asked questions about professional whitening for today’s modern dental practices:

What Are the Most Effective Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments? 

When evaluating the effectiveness of a professional teeth whitening treatment, we look at three things:

  • Hydrogen peroxide concentration
  • Wear time
  • Application method

We think that GLO Science Pro is the best teeth whitening system on the market today. Why? Our unique combination of specially formulated teeth whitening gel and the patented universal mouthpiece, which uses both gentle warming heat and blue LED light to optimize teeth whitening effects, has made the dental community sit up and take notice.

GLO Science Pro teeth whitening system was developed by New York City’s Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a practicing prosthodontist with over 30 years of clinical experience. Our numerous studies show this revolutionary system works and is gentle yet effective on stains—whitening smiles and improving oral health in one easy procedure.

What Teeth Whitener Do Dentists Recommend and Offer? 

The oral health market is inundated with many teeth whitening products, all making similar claims about their ability to transform smiles. But behind the fancy advertising and packaging lies the critical element that separates the best from the rest- their ingredients. 

Almost all products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as teeth whiteners, but hydrogen peroxide is three times stronger than carbamide peroxide at equal concentrations. That’s why for the best results, most dental professionals recommend hydrogen peroxide be used. 

When it comes to the strength of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening, this will depend on a variety of factors, including the age of the patient, the starting shade of their teeth, and how sensitive their teeth are. At GLO Science, we offer a variety of teeth whitening gels in various strengths to accommodate the unique needs of every patient. Our at-home products contain 6% and 10% hydrogen peroxide, and our in-office treatments have a 24% and 30% concentration.

What Is the #1 Professional Teeth Whitener? 

When evaluating the #1 professional teeth whitening system, it’s important to consider FDA-registered whitening systems. Clinical teeth whitening helps boost patients’ confidence, improve gum health, and optimize smile satisfaction. 

From at-home teeth whitening to toothpaste and floss, your patients see you as an expert on all things related to oral care. And while they trust your opinion, many will still do their research. Make sure the brands you sell are highly regarded by industry leaders and backed by reputable studies. GLO Science Pro holds over 25 issued patents for our oral care products and proprietary teeth whitening technologies. From our unique universal mouthpiece to our teeth whitening ingredients, GLO Science Pro has proven to be the best teeth whitening on the market. 

Which Professional Tooth Whitening Option Provides the Fastest Results? 

Today’s patients are looking for teeth whitening that’s fast, effective, and doesn’t cause discomfort or sensitivity. But for a long time, systems either had too short of a wear time to deliver good results or too long of a wear time which caused rebound zingers and pain. 

Luckily, professional teeth whitening treatments have come a long way, and there are more options than ever that promise quick results. But not all systems are created equal! Our GLO Pro Power+ truly delivers what it promises-

  • 8X faster warming
  • 16 minutes total treatment time
  • No impressions or custom trays
  • Ability to turn any room into a whitening room\

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not! The light and heat of our closed system mouthpiece accelerate the whitening gel, keeping wear times short without any discomfort experienced by patients.

How Do Celebrities Get Their Teeth So White? 

Celebrities influence so much in our culture, from the latest clothing trends to diet fads to self-care habits. And it’s easy to be envious of the beautiful pearly whites we see gracing the pages of magazines and all over social media- so how do they achieve such incredible results?

While it’s likely that many celebs do use some form of teeth whitening, many also opt for veneers. This cosmetic dental treatment transforms smiles like no other, providing that picture-perfect Hollywood smile. And with the advancement of no-prep veneers, dental offices continue to see a rise in demand from both celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

What Type Of Dental Office Teeth Whitening Lasts the Longest? 

Regardless of the kind of whitening procedure a patient chooses to invest in, the longevity of their results depends much more on extrinsic lifestyle factors like diet and oral health habits. We recommend the following healthy habits to keep your newly whitened teeth looking bright as long as possible:

  • Drink coffee, tea, and red wine in moderation. 
  • Avoid foods with artificial dyes or high sugar content.
  • Brush and floss twice a day.
  • Use a take-home whitening system for touch-ups in between professional whitening sessions. 

It bears repeating that what patients consume in the days immediately following their in-office whitening treatment is most important, so encourage them to avoid anything that may stain teeth altogether!

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened at the Dentist? 

Investing in professional whitening services is a smart choice for anyone looking for effective, lasting results when improving their smile. While the cost upfront is more than OTC methods, many patients end up much more satisfied with the results, wasting less time (and money) in the long run than if they had tried to whiten on their own. Professional whitening also prevents damage to your enamel and tissue, an unwelcomed side-effect of many at-home systems. 

How Can I Get Super White Teeth Fast? 

The right concentration of hydrogen peroxide combined with a closed mouthpiece and gentle warming heat is the winning combination for achieving super white teeth quickly. Choosing the proper strength of hydrogen peroxide will depend on the patient's sensitivity level, age, and starting shade, as well as the desired whitening shade of the patient. 

GLO Science Professional offers two strengths for our in-office whitening gel: 24% and 30% hydrogen peroxide. While some companies will promote up to 35% concentration, studies have shown that lower levels are just as effective in liquid form and are less likely to cause discomfort and tooth sensitivity.

Can Seniors Have Their Teeth Whitened at the Dentist? 

When it comes to teeth whitening, age is just a number. What matters much more is how healthy one’s teeth are. And since teeth are yellow naturally as we age, it’s no surprise that many people in their 70s and 80s look to dental professionals for whitening and brightening their smiles. As long as there are no cavities or other evidence of gum disease, teeth whitening is a perfect choice for seniors wanting to turn back the clock by improving their smiles. 

How Can I Instantly Whiten My Teeth Professionally? 

The first step in having teeth professionally whitened is to schedule a check-up with your dentist. Then, they’ll be able to advise the best teeth whitening treatment options available. GLO Science is used in over 5,000 dental practices across the United States, with more practices joining daily. They rave about the ease of use, fast wear time, and overall patient satisfaction. And with our new Pro Power+, patients are getting results even faster, saving clinicians valuable time and money. 

What Do Professionals Use For Teeth Whitening? 

Profession whitening systems with LED light remain a top choice of dental offices. Guided Light Optics, a key component of our GLO universal mouthpiece, is revolutionizing the industry in several ways. Many devices use harmful UV lights causing high tooth sensitivity or messy whitening trays that allow the gel to escape to the gum line. Others use cold-light, which on its own has not proven to improve whitening results.

But with GLO Science Professional, we offer a streamlined teeth whitening solution endorsed by dental professionals and loved by patients. How does our blue light work to whiten teeth? A short wear time of just eight-minute applications along with a temperature regulator and automatic timer means no exposure to excessive heat with the GLO closed system mouthpiece. Instead, whitening oxygens are trapped against teeth where they belong and accelerated with heat for faster results without zingers, dehydration or rebound.

A well-executed whitening program boosts revenue, increases patient satisfaction, and encourages patients to maintain regular check-ups. Plus, those who invest in professional whitening tend to return for more cosmetic dental procedures. When choosing the best whitening treatment, look for one backed by science and innovative technology. To learn more about the full line of GLO Science Pro products, visit glosciencepro.com today!

What Is the Best Professional Teeth Whitening System?

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