Professional, in-office teeth whitening remains on the rise, and for good reason. Many of us have seen our smiles more than ever before, thanks to an uptick in virtual communication. As a result, more patients are seeking smile upgrades from their dental professionals. According to the Wall Street Journal, the recent national binge on teeth whitening and deodorant also coincides with more familiar shopping trends for this time of year: namely, sunscreen and swimsuits as travel picks back up. 

Whether you’re new to cosmetic dentistry options or have developed a longstanding program for your patients, a solid marketing platform is key to successful sales. While whitening services often sell themselves, there’s a lot you can do to maximize your reach and profits.

GLO Science Pro is proud to offer many resources to assist you in your launch or expansion of whitening services. A few tweaks go a long way, so let’s take a look at some top marketing tips to strengthen your sales:

Get Social- Social media is one of your best assets when it comes to any whitening program. In addition to daily updates and general health news, you’ll want followers aware of the kinds of whitening services you offer, as well as the benefits of partaking in them. As this can be time-consuming with other obligations, we offer several tools to improve efficiency by giving you all the social assets you may need to successfully market GLO in your practice.

Our website provides lots of free content ready to download and share across social media platforms as well as in emails and newsletters. From imagery to video to holiday promotions, we’ve got you covered, saving you and your staff valuable time and energy.

We’ve also created our GLO Science Professional Whitening Success Starter Set that comes with easy, step-by-step training guides, and turnkey marketing tools. Clear instructions and support links make this a must-have for any GLO partner.

Get Testimonials- People love seeing smile makeovers, so be sure to take before and after photos of patients during chairside treatments. Incentivize satisfied patients to share their whitening experience, and use this feedback to highlight just how easy and effective GLO is.

Get Local- Consider teaming up with local businesses to promote your whitening services. Hair salons, dermatologists, and gyms are all ideal places to seek out new patients. Working together allows you to expand your network and reach prospective clients.

Get Creative- Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all, so examine your local area to seek creative outlets to promote whitening services. Think seasonal festivals, town traditions, booster programs, and more. There are countless opportunities to showcase your services- you just need to think outside the box! Enlist the help of your office staff for additional networking and input, especially those who live locally.

Speaking of boxes, one of the newest trends we’re seeing from some practices is personally curated health and wellness boxes, specifically for dental patients. This innovative marketing offers oral care products on a convenient, routine basis. Programs like these set your office apart from others in your area, so don’t be afraid to give them a try!


Professional whitening, often referred to as a “gateway treatment”, is a sure way to get patients not only in your office but also returning for additional visits. Capitalizing on this is a smart, strategic move for any flourishing dental practice. With the right tools, you’ll ensure a successful program that leads to many more beautiful smiles.

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