Whitening In Office with Hygienist - Teeth Whitening Education

As dental professionals, we all know the basics of oral health. We regularly remind patients to brush and floss daily, eat a healthy diet, and avoid sugars. But have you had a conversation with your patients about the benefits of teeth whitening lately? If you haven’t, you’re missing an incredible opportunity to connect with your patients, learn what they want, and help educate them on how to reach their oral health goals with a simple conversation.

Most patients are curious about teeth whitening and will appreciate your guidance.  This will also make them more receptive to input about overall oral health, opens up an interactive discussion about additional treatments, and provides a higher level of rapport by keeping them from getting “lost in the chair.” This phrase is meaningful because it’s about helping people make informed decisions about treatments. Without education, you’re leaving patients to their own devices, which can be disappointing, and sometimes also dangerous.

Putting Trust in the Wrong Hands

A recent article in Health spotlighted a TikToker who shared a video with her followers, showing how she whitens her teeth with hydrogen peroxide on cotton swabs. At over 15 million views, many followed her technique. While we love that so many people are interested in teeth whitening, as a dental professional, you know that these kinds of DIYs can potentially lead to problems. She even calls out in her voice over, “If you’re a dentist, don’t tell me this is wrong,” but that’s precisely why it’s so important for you to educate your patients about the possible hazards of trying out teeth whitening methods based solely on an influencer’s claims.

Be Their Google

Millions of people want teeth whitening techniques, and your team is the best source to inform them how to do it safely. Patients are looking for the easiest and fastest way to get great results. With guidance, you can prevent them from trying whitening products that could cause painful damage.

But the best part is that your team doesn’t need to become selling machines. Take the pressure off your team about selling and make it more about education. Explain to patients why a robust oral hygiene routine is vital to their health and how incorporating GLO teeth whitening products is a safe and effective way to achieve their maximum smile potential. And why not become the social influencer and continue the conversation online? Make your own TikToks about your favorite oral health tips and the benefits of GLO. It’s fun for your team, better for the public, and great exposure for your practice. 

Good to GLO

What that beauty TikToker didn’t mention is that the safest way to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile is by going to a certified GLO teeth whitening professional. Patients can get up to 12 shades whiter in under an hour, without sensitivity. The Pro Chairside Whitening Treatment is the fastest GLO treatment option for the brightest white smile.

If your patients choose, they can also brighten their smiles at home confidently with the same technology used in your office using the GLO Pro Take-Home Whitening Kit. The warming heat and light technology combined with 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel in the Pro Strength GLO Vials are easy to use at home and certified safe in the U.S., and a far better alternative to dabbing peroxide on your teeth and hoping for the best.  GLO Vials can also be used on their own for quick touch-ups on the go, and are a quick and inexpensive option you can offer your patients, no strips or trays required.

All of these treatments are readily available for your dental practice and are the best way to get patients more engaged in their oral health. We want to make sure you and your patients have a great reason to smile!


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