How to Increase Elective Dental Procedures

How to Increase Elective Dental Procedures

For dental professionals, it can be a delicate balance between addressing patient wants and needs. A practice that combines both lends itself to greater customer satisfaction and sustained profitability.

It's also true that people tend to find the money for things they want even when out of budget. So why aren’t patients knocking down your door for teeth whitening kits or veneers? There are several reasons you may not be getting enough traction. Here are four ways to boost the demand for elective procedures in your office:

Make Your Services Known- Out of sight, out of mind is perhaps the biggest culprit of low demand for cosmetic dental procedures. Patients need to be reminded (again and again) of the services you offer. If not, they’ll avoid booking them entirely or worse, seek out a competitor to support instead.

Advertise the latest technology you offer through websites, social media, and email blasts. Promote seasonal specials and giveaways and share before and after success stories. Professional teeth whitening often referred to as a gateway treatment, is an easy sell because everyone is seeking whiter teeth! Use this to your advantage to accelerate sales and attract new clientele.

Prioritize Patient Education- An informed patient is your best patient. While they don’t need to be inundated with medical terminology, it can be helpful to explain the theories behind elective procedures and their benefits to overall health. This information also helps quell the nerves of anxious patients, making them more likely to schedule services. Plus, you’ll reinforce your expertise and position yourself as the only dentist they need to visit!

Offer Adequate Staff Training- Your staff is your best asset in selling elective dental procedures, but it’s easy for them to fall short without proper training. Invest time to ensure your team is well-versed in the products, terminology, and costs of what you’re offering. Incentivize sales with goals and rewards. After all, who doesn’t love a challenge?

At GLO Science Pro, we understand that time and budget constraints can impact staff training, which is why we’ve created concise and free training courses and videos to complement our in-office and at-home teeth whitening systems. By taking away the guesswork, you can feel confident knowing your staff is knowledgeable and prepared to promote the best teeth whitening services to patients.

Create Flexible Payment Plans- The more convenient it is for patients to schedule these services, the more likely they are to book them. Be transparent with costs. Many people still see whitening teeth as unattainable or luxury because of preconceived notions of price, but this is no longer the case! Many services are more affordable than in the past, plus they offer additional oral health benefits. Flexible payment options are beneficial to both providers and patients, so consider plans that will appeal to your demographics.

The demand for elective dental procedures continues gaining momentum, making it an ideal time to capitalize on these services. With the right plan, patients will trust you’re looking out for their best interest and are also more likely to refer family and friends.

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How to Increase Elective Dental Procedures

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