Feeling extra stressed lately? You’re not alone. Stress-related oral health conditions are rising across the country, as Americans everywhere attempt to recover their footing and define their new normal. According to a recent ADA poll, more than 70% of dentists surveyed have seen first-hand the physical results of stress on the body. Teeth grinding, clenched jaws and chipped teeth top the list of dental conditions, resulting in uncomfortable side effects and unhappy patients.

But patients aren’t the only ones showing signs of tension. Dentists, hygienists, and office staff are at the forefront of industry changes, playing catch-up after a difficult year filled with unpredictability.

Fear not! There are ways to handle this conundrum while providing quality care and making both patients and clinicians happy. Plus, consumer confidence in returning to the dental office recently hit a new high, with 90% reporting to have already been back or are ready to go (ADA). With practices bustling once again, how can we make the experience as pleasant as possible for all parties involved?

Create a sense of calm (for both you and your patients)

You spend enough time in the office, so design a space you enjoy being in and let that vibe communicate itself to others as well. A relaxing environment is just as important for patients as it is for you and your staff, so say goodbye to the days of outdated lighting and lackluster décor. Soft music, updated artwork, and aromatherapy are just some of the upgrades offices have introduced to improve the overall experience of visiting the dentist. The better people feel during and after a visit, the more likely they are to return, making it easier for you and your team to keep them up to date on check-ups and oral care.

Now extend this idea to the products and aesthetic treatments you offer. Why not provide headphones or Netflix during a GLO Chairside Whitening Treatment? Many find the gentle warming heat of our universal mouthpiece relaxing, and spending time doing something enjoyable and good for overall health is time well spent. 

You can also look to other local businesses to help elevate your environment and grow your business. Those who seek aesthetic services are likely to be interested in teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments, so networking with community business owners is a bright idea. Consider strategic promotions and partnerships, such as hosting special events with local spas and salons to broaden your clientele.

Take care of yourself

Speaking of spas, we all know you can’t pour from an empty cup. Burnout is real and leads to consequences for you, your staff, and your patients. Prioritizing your well-being ensures the ability to deliver consistent, extraordinary care. A healthy diet, adequate sleep, and meditation are paramount for your physical and mental well-being. 

You can also use GLO teeth whitening to fill gaps in and help diversify your practice schedule. With GLO, an in-office whitening treatment only takes one hour and for take home, zero chairtime is required, so you can easily increase your production and get more time back in a day. Consider offering fun incentives from the additional revenue earned from whitening to reward your team for all the work they do, which is a great way to boost morale (and production) in the practice.

Your staff feeds off of your energy. Check-in with them periodically for feedback on how they’re coping with day-to-day events. This open dialogue may be just the energy shift needed to create a better atmosphere. In turn, that positivity lends itself to a better quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Stress often manifests into anxiety, impacting all involved in a dental practice. Factor in missed check-ups, general dentistry fear, and economic implications from COVID-19, and you’ve got yourself what seems like an uphill battle when it comes to pleasing patients.

Make life easier by utilizing the tools and resources available to you. Everyone wants a brighter smile, so promoting professional teeth whitening is a sure way to pique interest during routine check-ups. Not sure how to get started? It’s easy – bring out your shade guide and use GLO’s Motivational Shade Taking technique to open up dialogue about better oral health and show patients the full potential of their smiles.

GLO offers many marketing tools, social media images, videos, and more on our website- all free! We also created our Success Starter Set to eliminate the stressors of launching a new whitening program. It’s a turnkey solution to make life a little easier and dentists a little happier by removing the stress of how to incorporate whitening in your practice.

When patients have a positive dental experience, it carries over long after they’ve left the appointment, leading to increased compliance and better oral care regimes. 2021 continues to look promising for the dental industry. As you welcome more patients back to your office, we’re committed to helping make the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.


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