Valentine’s Day is almost here, and while traditional gift guides flood our inboxes, rather than succumbing to the sugary endorphin rush of a heart-shaped box of chocolates, sales of home fitness equipment, cooking kits, and other wellness and aesthetically related “feel good” products continue to rise. What better time for your practice to capitalize on this trend than by promoting GLO teeth whitening products as the most innovative gift to give to a special loved one?  Whitening and other self-care practices can also be self-esteem boosters in this challenging time when depression can be high. They are forward-looking gifts that encourage patients to invest in themselves now to enjoy the payoff when the future is a little brighter.

Email and social media are your best friends.

The importance of virtual connectivity should never be underestimated. Since some patients may not be comfortable with in-person visits, it is crucial to utilize all forms of technology to keep them connected to your practice.

The GLO Whitening Success Starter Kit makes digital marketing as simple as possible by providing a toolbox with email templates and other items for customization. Social media posts on Facebook or other sites also offer a forum for a quick but impactful reminder to support a personalized email.

You may want to try a promotional social media post such as “Turn up the heat with GLO Teeth Whitening (wink wink),” and then provide additional details and logistics via email or on your website using the GLO tools we provide.

You can’t put a price on convenience.

Convenience is vital at this time, when even the simplest excursion to the grocery store can feel like a challenge.  Make it as easy as possible for patients to purchase teeth whitening products. Don’t be modest about communicating just how simple the process is! Arrange direct shipping or simple in-office contactless pick-up.

Patients can also skip the lines and the social distancing horror stories by purchasing online gift cards for teeth whitening treatments. Be sure to set up e-certificates for in-office whitening that can be easily printed from a home computer or phone. If you don’t already have this technology in place, it may be a good time to invest in this for your practice.

GLO also makes promotions and sales easier for the practice. GLO Science Professional offers ready-made webpages and turnkey marketing tools to promote teeth whitening services and can even help you customize your own teeth whitening gift guide. By offering multiple teeth whitening products, GLO makes it more convenient for clinicians to customize a product package that suits their patients’ needs.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

Gift “giving” can often be a “one for you, two for me” proposition. It’s hard to pass up a great deal for yourself when out shopping for someone else. Incentivize patients to purchase teeth whitening products for themselves through unique marketing promotions such as a couples special with a “buy one product, get a percentage off the second” message. You can also offer free gifts or additional treatments with purchase.

GLOing is better together

A patient showing off their beautiful new smile is some of the best free advertising your office can receive. It’s likely that someone will ask where they had their teeth whitened and they will then recommend YOUR practice. Why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day with a couples whitening special? Our Success Starter Kit pays for itself with two whitening treatments, making now an especially great time to purchase for your practice.

The gift of GLO is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face- literally. For more information about our products and ordering, visit today.


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