Dr. Elena Guk (Lemoyne, PA) - ECO Balance Review VIDEO!

Dr. Elena Guk shares her experience with GLO Science Professional Therapeutic's innovative ECO Balance Gum Health Treatment. 

"When I see patients with periodontal disease, I really want to help them resolve it. It has been very difficult to find products that actually help to eliminate periodontal pockets and this product demonstrated that it can reduce pocket depth with proper use and regular use."

"What I have found with my patients...who have periodontal disease and are very compliant in using these products, I have seen complete resolution of periodontal pockets - which is amazing. After having been in the dental field for quite a while, I have not really seen that before."

"I have never seen such resolution as I have seen with this product....I have seen complete resolution of periodontal pockets...which was astonishing."

"I have done research on what the blue light does to the tissue and what I found out is that the blue light stimulates CD8 white blood cells to become more motile which means they are more readily removing bacteria and clearing out the infection in the periodontal pockets. Also [ECO Balance] ....gets rid of those pathogens that are a causative agent in periodontal disease. So in combination with oral hygiene, it worked really really great."

"This stuff really works!"

"Patients are happy. They are seeing resolution of their periodontal issues. Their gums stop bleeding, they stopped having bad breath, their mouth feels fresh."

"I have not seen the same results with other products."

"I would definitely recommend it to colleagues because I believe in this product and I have seen this product work. This is a wonderful product to use for patients who have periodontal disease."