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Glo Learning Center

Gain valuable clinical skills and practice building expertise with GLO training videos. Everyone on your team should be familiar with how to use GLO and how to position whitening in your practice. GLO training videos make it easy!

GLO Training Videos

GLO Chairside Whitening Training

  • Length: 6 minutes, 45 seconds

Everything you need to know to complete a GLO Chairside Whitening treatment in your practice, plus helpful tips and tricks to keep you and your patients smiling!

This video includes:
  • 1. Supplies: what you will need
  • 2. Isolation: how to place the gingival barrier
  • 3. Whitening Application: how to apply the whitening gel
  • 4. Mouthpiece Insertion: how to insert and activate the GLO mouthpiece
  • 5. The Big Reveal: removing the gingival barrier and sharing the smile transformation
  • 6. Post Care: instructions for your patient after whitening

  • Target Audience: Dental Professionals and Practice Staff — everyone should know how to GLO!

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Motivational Shade Taking Training

  • Length: 4 minutes, 6 seconds

Motivational Shade Taking is the best way to build awareness of tooth shade and whitening potential with your patients. This video explains how to do it and why it should be part of every hygiene appointment.

This video includes:
  • 1. Why motivational shade taking?
  • 2. How to take a motivational shade
  • 3. Starting the whitening conversation and introducing GLO
  • 4. Before & after pictures
  • 5. Whitening as an entry point to aesthetic dentistry

  • Target Audience: Dental Professionals and Practice Staff

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