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Hygiene empowerment: value, profitability, and security for your hygiene team

  • Speaker: Roberta Torquato-Weber, RDH
  • Release Date: March 22, 2018
  • CE Credits: 1 CEU, Free Self-Study

Tired of having cancellations? Afraid of having your work week shortened due to no shows? This CE webinar will help you enhance your value to the practice despite the inevitable cancellations. You will learn new techniques to increase hygiene revenue, expand your quality time with a patient, and better manage patient schedules.

Learning Objectives:
  • Upon completion of this CE webinar, the dental professional will:
  • 1. Become more familiar with hygiene statistics, learning how to run their own reports and set their own goals
  • 2.Understand how to increase acceptance of other treatments through whitening
  • 3. Identify opportunities to help the practice beyond the delivery of daily prophylaxis and periodontal procedures
  • 4. Understand scheduling tactics and know how to fill their schedule on their own

  • Target Audience: Dental Hygienists — No Prerequisite Required


Addressing the silent oral-systemic health epidemic in america

  • Speaker: Dr. Jonathan B. Levine
  • Release Date: April 3, 2018
  • CE Credits: 1 CEU, Free Self Study

The former US Surgeon General declared oral health, with particular reference to periodontal disease, as “the silent epidemic” in 2010. Since then, a substantial amount of research has been conducted that associates oral infections with systemic inflammation, supporting the consideration of gum disease as a complex oral and systemic disease. A paradigm shift of oral health supporting and reflecting the health of the entire body has been established, however it has yet to receive the appropriate attention at a national level. It is well understood that half of American adults have periodontal disease and that number rises to over 70% in the elder population. This information, combined with the fact that only 12% of people floss regularly, suggests that current strategies to control gingival inflammation have not been effective at a population level and renewed efforts are necessary. In this CE webinar, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine presents the facts, the science and current status on the silent epidemic of oral-systemic health.

Learning Objectives:
  • Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will gain a further understanding of:
  • 1. the oral health crisis
  • 2. the connection between oral and overall health
  • 3. new and innovative ways to impact the crisis

  • Target Audience: Dental Professionals — No Prerequisite Required