GLO PRO POWER+ Additional Autoclavable Warming Mouthpiece

An additional autoclavable warming mouthpiece for use with the GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Technology and the GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Patient Treatments. 

Keep extra replacement autoclavable mouthpieces on hand in every treatment room so you will always be ready to provide a full whitening or touch-up treatment.

Featuring patented GLO illuminating heat technology, now with 8X faster warming and no pre-warming required! Mouthpiece begins to warm immediately when device is powered on and maintains the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity between applications.

The mouthpiece has been tested to exceed 25 autoclave cycles of 18 minutes each at 134C, allowing it to be sterilized and used with multiple patients.

For best results, autoclave the mouthpiece alone, without other instruments inside the machine. Autoclaving with other instruments can lead to discoloration.

*For use ONLY with GLO PRO POWER+ In Office Teeth Whitening Technology (purchased separately). Not compatible with original GLO Science Pro Hardware Kits.


LED Light Teeth Whitening Machine

Heated Teeth Whitening Light Machine Mouthpiece Tray



Is The GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece That Is Used For The In-Office Treatment The Same As The One Included In The Take Home Kit For The Patient To Use?

The heat & light technology inside both mouthpieces is identical but the mouthpiece used for the in-office treatment has a blue cord and can be sterilized in the autoclave. The mouthpiece included in the Take Home Kit has a white cord and is designed for use by one patient only. It can be cleaned in between uses by rinsing under warm water but should not be shared among multiple people.

Will The Light From The GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece Tray Or GLO Control Device Affect Patients Skin?

No, there is no UV light in our products. The blue light in the GLO mouthpiece is safe, 470nm wavelength blue LED light.

Can The Heated GLO Autoclavable Mouthpiece Get Too Hot?

No, the GLO mouthpiece is controlled to gently warm to the optimal temperature for accelerated whitening without sensitivity. It never exceeds this gentle, optimal warm temperature.

Should Patients Bite Down On The Heated Led Light Mouthpiece While It Is In My Mouth?

Bite down gently so the mouthpiece stays in place, but don't clench. Let your lips and jaw relax. Light pressure on the platform between the teeth will ensure that the light and heat is surrounding the teeth, and the G.L.O. technology is working. Swallow as you normally do while whitening.

Can My Dental Patients Swallow While The Heated Mouthpiece Tray Is In Their Mouth?

Yes, swallow as you normally would while the mouthpiece is in your mouth.

How Does The Heat And Light In The In Office Autoclavable Mouthpiece Tray Work?

Light and heat in the closed system mouthpiece accelerates the reaction rate of the whitening gel, producing more whitening oxygens over a shorter period of time. This accelerated whitening keeps wear times short, at 8 minutes passes, with less chance of any sensitivity.

Is The GLO Autoclavable Heated Mouthpiece Tray Latex Free?

Yes, the GLO mouthpiece is latex free.
How do I clean the GLO mouthpiece?
Your regular GLO mouthpiece with the white cord is designed to be rinsed under water after use and allowed to dry. For the autoclavable mouthpiece used for in-office whitening, follow the instructions found here.

What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Gel For Heated In Office Trays?

The best teeth whitening gel for trays is one that contains hydrogen peroxide. At GLO Science Pro, we developed our formula with patient needs in mind and have created a gel that is effective for a wide variety of individuals. Our mouthpiece is more comfortable and easier to use than standard trays as well.

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