Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing

In today’s world of digital media, marketing matters more than ever. Your practice provides a signature service, and it’s crucial to separate yourself from competitors. When done correctly, marketing is a powerful tool that brings in new patients and retains current ones.

Digital Marketing Strategies For A Dental Practices

Sometimes it can be tricky to navigate all available options, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can use GLO resources in your marketing strategies.

  1. Engage on Social Media-1 in 9 people on Earth is also on Facebook, validating the power of social media. With patients so connected to their phones and computers, you’ll want to take full advantage of this form of communication. Facebook contests, videos, images, and testimonials are all great ways to engage with existing and new followers. And, of course, don’t overlook Instagram! Set up an Instagram page and post regularly there as well. Check out GLO’s social media pages for inspiration and head to for downloadable images you can post.
  2. Create Incentives/Contests-Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win something or get a free service? Social media is an asset to build excitement for the professional teeth whitening services your practice offers. Highlight products with giveaways to drive traffic and increase online followers.
  3. Email Reminders, Sales, and Promotions- Dental marketing newsletters are proven to drive 70% higher call volume than traditional postcards. Create virtual reminders using images and videos from the GLO Science Professional website that are designed to draw attention and improve sales.
  4. Utilize Editable Content-Our website provides a variety of customizable content, from holiday posters to gift certificates. Adding these to your marketing strategy helps build interest for the professional whitening services and products your office provides.
  5. Promote Charities and Outreach Programs-The GLO Good Foundation provides access to health care in underserved communities. Informing patients of this (and hopefully encouraging them to read more and even donate or get involved) adds a layer of human connection which will help set you apart from other practices.
  6. Grow and Manage Patient Testimonials and Reviews-A recent poll showed that 92% of potential patients read the online reviews of their healthcare providers prior to making an appointment. How can this information help your practice? Encourage patients to leave reviews on your social media platforms, or ask if you can share written feedback. You can also provide an incentive for patients willing to get on camera and share their experience. Be sure to tag us in any reviews!
  7. Use Videos to Market Your Practice-Videos encourage engagement and are considered one of the most favorable marketing techniques. Share them on your website, via social media, or even in your waiting room. Whether you choose to use one we’ve created or want to make your own, videos are an excellent tool to grow your whitening practice.
  8. Market Results in Addition to Services-Patients will be inspired to call on your practice by remembering they want a beautiful smile, whiter teeth, and a healthier mouth. Showing side by side whitening comparisons and smile transformations that happened in your practice will help illustrate the difference professional teeth whitening has on their smile and overall oral health.

When developing a marketing plan, you must consider how you want new and existing patients to perceive you. We try to make that positive impression easy. With the help of various resources from GLO, you can begin using strategies that best support your practice!


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