Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth Whitening Myths

In the seven years since we revolutionized teeth whitening, we’ve heard some vastly uninformed myths about whitening. When it comes to procedure, long-term effects, and maintenance, dental professionals have information coming at them from so many different resources. The facts can easily be confused.

Teeth Whitening Facts And Myths

Here at GLO, we believe in providing straightforward information that explains the process easily. We also offer continued support to our dental practices to make sure our procedure is simply understood and that every question gets answered. Here are some of the greatest myths we continue to hear about teeth whitening.

MYTH: At-home whitening will give you the same results as professional whitening.

TRUTH: Professional whitening will ALWAYS give you faster, better, and more customized results. During a professional whitening treatment, the gel contains a higher level of peroxide that cannot be purchased outside of a dental practice. This higher concentration gel garners better, faster results. A dentist can also tweak the procedure based upon their professional opinion after seeing your baseline shade and asking questions about your personal history.

MYTH: Professional whitening is a “one-and-done” procedure.

TRUTH:Just like you’d get hair color touched up periodically because of fading, teeth whitening requires the same care and ongoing attention. Beverages like coffee and red wine (along with hundreds of other foods) will stain your smile. So just like that hair color fades over time, each time you eat, your teeth lose a little of their whiteness.

MYTH: You can whiten veneers and crowns. 

TRUTH: This is a tricky one because whitening CAN’T change the original color of a veneer or crown, but it CAN lift stains that have occurred after the fact, giving them a brighter and lighter appearance by returning them to their true shade. So if you were thrilled with the color of your veneers when you first got them, but your front teeth have become stained from that morning coffee, whitening can be useful to return them to their original shade.

MYTH: People with sensitive teeth shouldn’t whiten in a dental practice.

TRUTH:GLO Science Professional has the perfect solution so that everyone can benefit from an in-office whitening in under an hour. We have a lower strength 24% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for sensitive patients, and a 30% hydrogen peroxide formula for those who are not prone to sensitivity.

MYTH: Whitening can cause your teeth to become permanently sensitive.

TRUTH: Our whitening gel does not weaken your enamel and in no way affects the underlying nerves.

MYTH: UV light is perfectly safe.

TRUTH: If dental professionals are still whitening with hot UV lights, they’re uninformed about the latest information regarding safe teeth whitening. The safest light for whitening is always LED. GLO Science Professional only uses LED light which lets you know that the mouthpiece is on. But the real magic is the gentle warming heat from specially calibrated heat resistors inside the mouthpiece. GLO’s patented combination of heat and LED light activates and accelerates the whitening gel, by warming it to the optimal temperature for faster teeth whitening without sensitivity.

MYTH: Whitening will damage tooth enamel.

TRUTH: Acidic whitening can damage enamel. The safest whitening gels are in a more alkaline range, which does not damage tooth enamel.

MYTH: All whitening systems are the same.

TRUTH: GLO Science Professional combines the factors that enhance whitening and eliminates the compromises that cause sensitivity and lack of compliance. Our dual whitening approach combines an in-office and take home procedure and addresses the primary factors of whitening - contact time of the gel to the teeth and concentration of hydrogen peroxide. All whitening systems are not created equal – make sure you are familiar with the technology, country of origin of the whitening gel, and active ingredients before moving forward.

MYTH: Every person will get the same result.

TRUTH: So many factors contribute to the final result. What is the patient’s baseline shade? What do they eat and drink on a daily basis? What is the patient’s biology? All of these elements make whitening very subjective. Remember, every smile is unique! 

GLO Science Professional strives to educate dental professionals about safe and effective teeth whitening. We offer the tools and continuing education to make professional whitening treatments a positive addition to your dental practice. You’ll be amazed at what happens when your patients GLO!

Teeth Whitening Myths

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