What if there was an easy way to pique sales during off-hours? If you’re not taking advantage of GLO’s website toolkit, you could be missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity. We offer online-ready resources that make promoting your professional teeth whitening services hassle-free!

Imagine you placed an advertisement in the NY Times® and included the headline but choose to leave the rest of the ad blank. Simply mentioning that your practice offers teeth whitening options on your website is like neglecting the rest of the ad. Although your site should be a vehicle for general practice information, it should also be used to your advantage as a marketing tool.

Professional teeth whitening increases direct revenue and patient compliance while promoting return visits. It needs some serious real estate on your site!

Take a look at your website and ask these questions:

  • Do you simply note that professional whitening services are offered, or do you include more detail?
  • Do you feature information on GLO Science products and practices?
  • If so, where and how are they featured? Could they be more prominently and effectively promoted?

It’s Not Sales. It’s MOTIVATION.

GLO Science products should be featured on your site with detail and prominence to increase revenue. But the reality is that many practices actively promote GLO on social media and neglect to utilize their website to its fullest potential.

Here are six simple tips to help optimize GLO Science on your site:

  • Add a separate and distinct page (URL) with a menu heading devoted to GLO Science Teeth Whitening Services.
  • Link all related social media posts and articles directly to your teeth whitening page versus your homepage.
  • Use motivational language, shade comparisons, and testimonials to pique client interest and provide inspiration.
  • Include a list of all GLO Science In-Office and Take Home products you offer so patients can explore treatment options.
  • Promote that you are a “certified GLO Science dental practice” and highlight critical advantages such as superior results, no sensitivity, and minimal chair time.
  • Include links to book appointments and inquire for more information to make it easy for patients and ensure they don’t forget to follow through later.

Want to see our marketing tools in action? Check out one of our favorite practices, Steamboat Dentistry, to see how they successfully market their professional teeth whitening services on their website.


You have a practice to run. Leave the writing, content gathering, and marketing to us.

GLO Science Professional has created a turnkey website toolkit featuring customizable copy, imagery, and video suggestions to fit your practice’s needs. Simply CLICK HERE to download FREE assets that will help you to create engaging content.

Better yet, GLO also provides readymade webpages (compatible with ProSites® websites) that can be added to your theme with the click of a button. It’s that simple. Just click, and GLO!


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