Let’s face it, the past few months were not the easiest. But, you’re back in business and wondering how to make up for lost revenue, right? We hope so! It’s time to return strong by building relationships with patients, up-ing communication with your team, and sharing all the ways you can help more people smile as we get used to our “new normal” together. Your team is in the preventative care and smile beauty business and they have a lot to offer. Here are some strategies and ideas that can help.

  1. Combine Services: Safe reopening guidelines provided by the ADA and CDC require dental practices to screen patients before each visit, which can add time and resources. To reduce the number of visits per person, encourage patients to schedule more than one treatment during a single appointment. Make patients aware of any additional procedures they might need and any special add-on services you offer.

Make sure to include a link or instructions for booking an appointment. You can also reach out directly to patients who are due for an upcoming appointment and share a special offer for their next visit.

  1. Offer Aesthetic Dental Services: Dental practices can offer so much more than teeth cleaning, and many of these additional products and services can truly complete a patient’s smile transformation. After months spent at home, people are eager to get back to their grooming routines like haircuts, hair color, manicure/pedicure, and of course – taking care of their teeth! Consider adding services that patients want right now, like GLO Chairside Teeth Whitening or Botox, to your list. If you have patients who are straightening their teeth, offer whitening as well for a complete smile makeover.
  1. Sell Products for Home Use: Dermatologists do it all the time! Make it more convenient for your patients by stocking some of your favorite product recommendations right in your practice, so they don’t need to make a separate trip or wait for an online order to arrive when you give them a recommendation. Some great products include GLO Science Professional Take-Home Device Kit, Professional-Strength Teeth Whitening GLO Vials, and ECO Balance Gum Health Treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide. ECO Balance is an excellent formulation to add to every treatment plan for effective home care. During aesthetic dental cases, temporaries and porcelain veneers often require comprehensive home care, and specialized products like these can help.
  1. Social Media: GLO teeth whitening is a fantastic topic for dental professionals to discuss because it’s one of the most commonly requested dental services. Post “before” and “after” photos so that patients can see the drastic difference and imagine their own results. Run giveaways on Facebook or Instagram with beautiful gift baskets filled with GLO products. With the GLO PRO At-Home program online, you can even have GLO Science take care of all the logistics of accepting and fulfilling orders from your patients without needing to stock anything in your practice, while you earn money. Just email to join!
  1. Book next appointments: Don’t let them get away! Your team should always aim to schedule a patient’s next appointment before the patient leaves. Even if the patient is unsure of their schedule, it’s best to get something on the calendar that can be rescheduled if needed. Show concern for any problems with the patient’s mouth and make it known that they should be addressed within the next X number of months. If a patient likes a busy time of day, communicate that it’s best to schedule now and perhaps change it at a later date if something comes up.

When implementing any of these strategies, remember to measure success and reward your team. Track your numbers to see if they are improving, and share these successes. When your team knows that the practice is thriving, understands how crucial they are to that success, and feels valued and appreciated for their efforts, performance is better all around. And we all know that a happy team = happy patients and a thriving practice!

If you’re interested in adding GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening or ECO Balance to your practice, please email

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